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Aww huns

Firstly i think Ron takes it hardly because he knows that you will always be there for him no matter what, and he doesnt want you to leave his side, although he drinks and cheats on you which he has no right of and he cannot expect you to be happy!
If you want to end it with Ron do it now, January is still a while away and alot can happen between a month and a bit.
No divorce or break up will be easy, just take care of your self and enjoy your life!
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Aw Rhonda! It's awesome that you've come so far. I think you'll make the right decision. It sounds like you've been making some good ones for a while. Maybe it is time to make the next decision. I will pray for clear guidance for you. I'm sure part of the reason you've stayed so long is that you do want to be a good example since God is important to you. It is a tough decision, but we're here for you as much as we can be!
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You poor thing! Don't feel bad about having natural wants and needs. Everyone gets lonely even when in a relationship. My ex-husband and I were in a similar relationship. It wasn't drinking, it was The internet... he would be on it for literally DAYS when he was off work. True colors showed about 8 months before I left him. I found out he was homosexually interested in other men. That's when I decided I was tired of being alone and the time had came to move on and find someone else. I did. 5 yrs later, I am divorced from him and with the love of my life. We all need someone there. If you ever need to talk, please pm me. It's a tough situation to go through.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
I think all this advice, though well-intentioned, is kinda heavy on her right now. I do agree with what everybody else said, though.
...I think what you need the most is some reassurance and a hug?

Just let your conscience be your guide. If you feel guilty, try your best to do whatever you think will fix it.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Good Vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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hey friends,
i want you to know how much i appreciate your feed back on this im not sure if i should of even posted something like this thank goodness no one knows me cause i would not want this to get out and i pray that it dont cause now im nervous about all of this,I had a talk yesturday with someone i work with not about who im seeing but about what im doing and she knows from knowing me over the past two years what is going on in my marriage and how i need to let go easier said then done when i do not want to hurt anyone, for the past few months i kept on saying everything was fine but she knew deep down inside it wasnt so many people at work will come up to me and say how unhappy i look, I think one needs to be happy within in there self before you can be happy in life,I know that i have tried not to talk about this for the past few months because of what it does to me sometimes its better to pretend everythings ok then to let it out
I have my class tonight at church and i really fill bad about going cause of guilt but i know i can't give church up because of what happen i half to have church in my life it makes me fill peace within myself but i don't know whats going to happen now
ive got a Doctors apt at 11 so i gotta run and get ready its my last check up on my foot

hope everyone has a nice day
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Hey Rhonda,

I've been in your shoes, and I did leave for the other person and then got DUMPED. Ouch! In retrospect, I should have left before then, and not involved anybody else at all.

If you want some hard won advice ... if you leave, be prepared to be ALONE for a while. You shouldn't jump from one person to another with no break in between -- you'll just continue the same patterns.

I'm glad to see things are starting to look better for you. It's hard to feel good about yourself when you really want to betray your values and your conscience won't let you. LOL Boy, have I been there!

Good luck to you.
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