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Does your cat lick plastic bags?

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I have a cat who is about six years old, and she has always been a "bag licker". Anytime there is a plastic bag anywhere in the house, she finds it, and licks can last for hours on end if no one pulls it away from her. She never tries to bite it, so I'm not concerned about her choking. But, does anyone have any idea why she would do this, or do you have a similar problem?
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My cats do this. They also love to lick tape- especially packing tape. I have no idea why though!
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This post may help to answer your question.
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My Max wants to eat plastic! So, everytime I have to make such they are put away..
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Yes I have to watch it when I'm opening newly wrapped plastic stuff. If one small piece of plastic falls to the floor, Patches is right there eating it.
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My cats do this too and especially if they are wet bin bags that are out in the garden waiting for the dustbin man to collect them and it has been raining. I did wonder why they did this but now i know. I just thought i had cats that had a plastic fetish, lol.
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Mine lick them too
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2 of mine do this and 2 don't. Sparkles will eat entire sections of bags if you leave them out. I try to keep them out of her reach because the remnants of what she ate was coming out both ends of her Tigger will lick a bag here and there. Funny - the 2 of mine that do this are similar in appearance so I wonder if it appeals more to certain varieties of domestic cats.
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Trent licks bags, especially when he's about ready to cough up a hairball. I'm not sure what the correlation is there, but when he gets quite insistent about licking any plastic in his reach it's guaranteed that he's going to leave something on the floor for me to find.
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Nacho likes licking my laundry basket.. and he won't stop unless you cover it up with a blanket or put it out of his reach.
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Sadie is a plastic licker.
She loves to lick my trash can.
Sometimes, when I am in the living room & she is clear in the kitchen, I can hear her rough little tongue licking away.
This can't be good for her so when I hear her...I hiss loudly & she runs.

Her brother Dexter, bites paper. He doesn't eat it ... just bites it.
I hide all books, letters etc.....he loves paper.
That's my furkids.
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My cats don't lick plastic bags. Though if I come home from teh grocery store and she hears a bag, she comes tearing down the hall and leaps into the bag. She will play of hours on end in a plastic bag...weirdo.
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my cat has a thing for plastic bags & packaging... anything that makes that "crunch-crunch" noise. he used to just play with them... but then he discovered that chewing on them was really good at making that noise he so likes. then he started eating them. they all seem to either pass through or get yaked up, but i don't think it's good for him... plus i'm not to keen at scraping up cat yak all of the time. now bags are all well hidden.
this will sound weird, but i think he can smell them. he can find plastic bags hidden in various containers & drawers. The best i can figure is that it's somehow like a laxative -- petrolium is a biproduct of plastic manufacture & is in products to help cats with hair-balls & constipation....
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Zakk is a vinyl licker! He likes to lick the shower curtain, sometimes while you are in the shower. Not the wet side, the dry side .
Then, about a month ago, in the wee hours of the night he started licking a textured blind. Now the sound of his rough tongue going over the blind is very, very, very annoying, esp in the middle of the night. It almost sounds like a slurping noise. the solution was to roll them up in the bedroom! I still don't get what is up with this, and why he does it in the middle of the night!
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