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Does your cat "kiss" you?

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I like kissin' my cat, but the strange (or maybe not so strange?) thing is that she likes giving me "good morning" kisses when I wake up and "hello" kisses after I come home from work--liking me on the lips. Anybody else's cat do the same?
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Yes, my cats do this once in awhile. I think it may be because they smell something on your lips or on your mouth, like something you just ate or the last thing you ate, and try to lick it off. Just like cats often clean each other off in hopes of getting a couple scraps of food if they just ate.

Although I do like to just think they are just kisses 'cause they love me. And personally, I think it may also be a greeting of some sort, or affection, I'm not sure, really...
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Alix P. Curl likes to french kiss...ewww! One has to watch for her Her sister, Ophelia, who sleeps next to my pillow everynight, will push her forehead over against my mouth when I make kissing sounds, that is where I like to kiss her

Ophelia's daughter gives little on your forearm kisses, and Misty..grabs our fists with her paws and then vigorously washes them! That's her kiss

My oldest, Patrick, rarely ever, in his heading towards 19 years life, kissed me. He began doing little shy, quick kisses this past year, surprised the heck out of me and my dh! He does it as a little forearm lick
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My cat gives headbutt kisses...where his nose touches you for just a second, and then he keeps his head on yours for a while. I think that he think he's just to good for lovey dovey kisses, because he is very self-involved.

He's a big biter though, I still havent figured out if they are "love bites" or leave me alone bites.
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Originally Posted by lilleah878
He's a big biter though, I still havent figured out if they are "love bites" or leave me alone bites.
I call Misty my "little snapping turtle", she just can't help herself, first she's coochycooing and showing her tummy, then she grabs your hand to wash it fiercely, and then she chomps...the above may happen in any order
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Marlee gives me Good Morning Kisses too! About the only time she licks, unless I've been eating or handling food, then of course she licks! But the morning kisses are her way of telling me to get moving and pay her some attention, I think!
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No, they don't. but my Fonzi still nurses..

Sometimes I get so many scratches on my arms when his nails start to get to long..

My husband trims their nails, I'm to afraid to do it myslef.

But I do smother my 3 with kisses..
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My Cleo is a kisser. She kisses my nose almost everytime I pick her up. Alex will groom my arms a little but not like Cleo. Headbuts usually include nose kisses from her too.
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Izzie usually jumps onto the bed and goes directly to my head. She leans towards me and sniffs as if she is checking to see if I'm either dead or to determine how bad my morning breath stinks!! No kisses though.
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Charcoal doesn't lick me but he head butts me and rubs his face against mine all the time. I consider those kisses.
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My kitty, Chester, gives me kisses all the time. Sometimes on the hand, sometimes on my nose or my lips, he is the sweetest little kitty! : )
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My Clyde gives the sweetest little nosekisses! Most cats will come very close to your nose to smell what you've been eating, but when Clydie was a baby, I wouldn't let him get away without a little Eskimo kiss, and now he nosekisses anyone who gets close enough. (Little flirt!)

Pearl's idea of a kiss is a big sloppy lick on the nose, and if you accept that, she settles in to wash your whole face for you. Such a sweet girl! But oh, such a scritchy little tongue...

Dylan, one of my mom's cats, is quite the continental -- he will stand up on his back legs, grab Mom's wrist with both forepaws, and nuzzle her hand for as long as he can keep his balance. What a romantic! :-)
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Mooch is a kisser! She seems to like to do that when I come home too.
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Leo will groom me occassionally. He's also a love-biter. When he's greeting me, he'll just randomly grab my fingers in his jaw. Such a weird little boy.
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Zoey headbutts and kisses ... Kandie umm she beleives she is above kisses
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yes, Lucy likes to give me several pecks whenever she feels like it. She will come up to me and I will make a kissy sound and she'll put her nose up to my mouth over and over again, ususally around 5 times.
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Yeah course they do!!

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I get head butts and a wet nose on my lips and Mark gets head butts and then Sleeves licks his chin. The noise it makes is disgusting but its so cute to watch
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i dont know if its kisses, but when ever i wake up or come home, she touches my noise with her wet noise...
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Stewie will only kiss me when we're about to go to sleep and usually it's on my neck or jawline. Pupiford will kiss me all the time and all over my face!
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Perla gives me lovebites on my nose. Usually she's really careful, but more than once she's bitten me hard and I bite back. I kiss them all inconditionally, Harley'll even put his head for them if he's in the mood...
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Aww, Susan, that is such a sweet photo!!

Harley loves to give kisses, especially in the morning when he's ready for breakfast, and I'm still in bed!
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Gracie gives me little nose kisses on my ears (along with the occasional lick or love nip) upon request. I love it!
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Yup. It's sweet to a point but after a while it starts to hurt!
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Isis has gotten to where shes above anything that has to do with anyone shes become quite prissy. salem will rub all over my face and then softly lick my chin and Ailey will kiss you till you move here although she has this thing with earlobes she tries to nurse then. I think maybe she was taken away from her mommy too soon its kinds funny cause even after she moves away from your ear she has her tounge sticking out and it looks like she is still nursing. she makes this little sucking sound too.
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Charlie gives lots of kisses. Everyday when we come home from work we have to IMMEDIATELY pick him up so he can lick the end of our noses. It seems to be his way of saying "YOU'RE HOME!!!!" It is sooooo cute but you have to be fast 'cause if you don't pick him up soon enough he gets really upset.

He is also a big fan of the morning kisses (or sometimes middle of the night)... as soon as he figures out you're awake he starts purring like a maniac and insists on licking you. He prefers to lick your face but he'll take anything he can get ( arms, hands, feet etc). The morning lickies seem to have a bit more urgency, usually 'cause he wants his breakfast!!
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I get kisses every morning, that is how Maggie May tells me it's time to eat!
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Rice Give kisses. He pushes his nose against me (usually on my mouth )
and holds it there for a minute. then he either licks me or rubs his face against my mouth.
He still nurses atleast 4 times a day.

He is a sweetie.

boss doesnt kiss anymore.
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Originally Posted by Miyas_mom
I like kissin' my cat, but the strange (or maybe not so strange?) thing is that she likes giving me "good morning" kisses when I wake up and "hello" kisses after I come home from work--liking me on the lips. Anybody else's cat do the same?
well, she doesn't lick me, but Java lifts her nose for a kiss right on the tip when i get home from work each day!
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I love kitty kisses! Seth-chan rarely gives them to me (only when my husband isn't around), so I cherish them when I do get them. She doesn't lick me, but just presses her nose/mouth on my nose or lips.
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