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Sophia loves the tree

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Here is Sophia laying under the Christmas tree skirt!
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Aww, Sophia sweet girl.
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awww she looks so cute
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Hiding out so she can see santa come!!! Tricky little baby
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aww, How cute! I wish I can put up my tree! not with my Fonzi though..LOL
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I'm so scared to put up my tree with Sophie in the house! We'll see how it goes, since it's going up this weekend!
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I am also afraid to put up my tree.. it hasn't been up for two years, because I am afriad that the cats will tear it down. Also my dog had a problem one year when he thought it was a real tree.
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Awww, she's a beauty. Cute pic!
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Sooooooooo cute. What a pretty cat.
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What a pretty kitty, and a sweet, sweet photo!
Our 2 "boys" sure do love THEIR Christmas tree too! :-)
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Oh wow she's beautiful, from what I can see of the tree it looks pretty too!
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Awww!!, she looks so comfy!
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Aaaww, Sophia, you're such a precious little girl, and you make the tree look so beautiful!
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What a cutie! At least she lays under the tree, Harley tries to get INTO the tree!
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