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Hanging out in the litterbox?

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Baylee has started doing this the past few weeks and it makes me nervous... she'll hide out in the litterbox and we're not sure why. I think it might be a new hiding place but why would she choose the litterbox? She already spends the majority of the day hiding under the bed... now she's spending the other half in the box? That being said, it's not a daily event... maybe a few times a week...

Speaking of, should I be concerned that she's spending so much time under the bed? I'm not sure if she's battling it out with Jordan over alpha cat status or if she just likes it there... she does come out and spend time with me in the evening and she will come sleep by me sometime during the night...

Okay I'm being neurotic, aren't I?
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You did not mention when you brought in Baylee - is she new to your house hold? If so has she been check by your Vet and received a clean billof health? If all of the aforementioned apply she could very well think of the litter box as a safe haven.
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Is your littlerbox covered? If so, it may be that your kitty just enjoys the feeling of shelter it provides. Cats love to burrow into safe little cave-like spaces.

Let me suggest something your kitty might like: IKEA has a new collapsible hideaway for cats that's just $6 -- it comes in red or a very pretty blue, and it stands up surprisingly well to kittyclaws. We bought them for all the cats in our family, and they just love 'em!

I can't seem to make a link work, so: just go to ikea.com, select your country, and go to the "For The Pets" section. Unfortunately, it's only available in their stores... I hope you have one close by!
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Sorry, Baylee has been with us for over a year now, she is about a year and a half old... Jordan only for about 4 months (he's about 6 months old). And yes, she just went to the vet 2 weeks ago and was fine.

Yes, the litterbox is covered... and dangit, the nearest Ikea is 3 hours away... luckily my parents live where there is one so maybe I can look for that when I visit them next - it sounds great!

I guess maybe she just likes the shelter... tho I am getting a tad concerned that Jordan is being a bit mean to her sometimes and that's why she feels she needs to hide. :p
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My kitty thinks it's fun to play in the litter box. Does yours lay down inside of it or play? One of my kitties is small enough that when she gets in the litter box her tail is curved right in front of her face. Since she loves chasing her tail she'll spin around in circles until I scare her out.
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Nuku Nuku sits and hides in her litter box sometimes too.
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Many of our foster kitties hang out in their litter boxes. I've been told it's because they feel secure there.
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My kitties (Bella especially) seem to have some sort of odd attraction to the boxes, especially the one in my bathroom.

I've been having sewer issues (backflow... eeeew!), so I moved the box out of the bathroom, and shut the door to keep them away from nasty water. Bella played inside the box for probably an hour last night, just sitting there, scratching the inside (makes a lovely fingernails-on-chalkboard noise), and batting at the door flap.

I'd probably be a bit worried if one of my babies spent so much time hiding from everyone. Dominance issues should probably be worked out pretty well after 4 months.
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