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My Thieving Kitty

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Do your kitties 'steal' things & 'hide

I knew my kitty like pens & pencils & other long skinny things & kept missing them. Looked under couch & other places but couldn't find them. This morning saw her trying to reach under the love seat which I thought was flush to the floor. Moved it & there was her 'stash'!!

Retrieved 7 drinking straws, Five 4-color pens, 4 black retractable ball points, 4 plain ball points, 6 disposable mechanical pencils, 1 lead pencil, 1 felt tip marker and 5 little plastic rings from top of medication bottles.

I'm still looking for a 5" long makeup brush & a large screw from the bottom of my desk chair. Am sure she did something with them since I saw her with them but didn't get them put away before she could hide them.

Do your kitties do this sort of thing? It is somewhat annoying to me but also I think it is funny.

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LOL. It sounds like you rkitty is a super thief! Orion hides all of his toys, and then I think he forgets where they are, cuz he walks around crying until I turn over the joint, only to find a zillion fluffy mousies under the craft caddy.

Orion does steal scrunchies out of my hair at night, so in the morning I have to go in his sleeping cubby next to the bed and retrieve them as part of my daily routine now. =)

So you're not alone. Mine's a hider, too.

Spring and Orion
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What, no q-tips under there?
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I have one each - one that steals stuff, and one that hides stuff.

I don't know where Ophelia comes up with the stuff she plays with (I think that Daddy actually has a hand with some of it. She has him completely wrapped around her little paw!). She loves the hair ties, any twist tie, and silk rose buds (but only black rose buds, she doesn't like the burgandy ones ) But when she's done she just leaves them where ever she finished playing with them.

Trent hides his toys, or drops them in the water dish. I still haven't found his stash, but every once in a while he comes out with a ball (sparkly pom-pomm) or other toy that I haven't seen in months. He only hides his favorite stuff, and I think he forgets about it most of the time.

Silly kittens!
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I've never had a problem with my guys stealing stuff although they all feel like it's their right for me to share a drink with them.
If I don't watch my drink one or more of them is waiting in line while one sticks his head into my cup and helps himself to a drink.
It's not like their water bowl is dry.
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When Gypsy first came to live with us, she was afraid of the upstairs and would hide in the cellar. She'd take all kinds of stuff down there... milk tabs, wads of paper, pieces of ribbon. And we even caught her trying to drag her fishing rod type toy down there!

Now she seems like she's on a quest to try to put things on TOP of her scratching post.

She's weird.
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Fred will steal my earplugs right out of my ears while I am sleeping. He will hook one claw in it and ease it out of my ear. He is so good he almost never wakes me up. I have caught Georgia trying to get them with Fred sitting there watching her like he is teaching her.
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heeeheeeehaaahaha Fred and Georgia have me howling! ! ! that is too funny! ! !
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Fred The Cat Burgler!! (HaHa)

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Fitz is a theif and a hider. I found pens in places that I am still trying to figure out how he got them there. The other day I was trimming his nails--his least favorite thing to do- and when I was giving him a break, he actually grabbed the clippers off the floor and ran off with them. Luckily I caught him before they were hidden forever.
He will also hide himself. I live in a one bedroom apartment and Fitz has found places that I don't know of and hides there--I'll search everywhere for him and then he comes running in behind me and I swear I've heard him laughing at me. Here's one example that scared the crap out of me: Our nighttime routine starts with me going to sleep while Fitz goes to the kitchen to eat. When he's full, he jumps on the bed and snuggles in by my head for an hour or two. Eventually I will move and he wakes up and wants to play and I have to kick him out so I can go back to sleep. One night I woke up and he wasn't there so I thought I'd see where he was. Expecting to find him in his bed on the couch, I went into the living room. No Fitzy. Looked in the kitchen, bathroom, under my bed, under the couch, behind and under places he could never fit into. Now I'm in a full panic because somehow he must've gotten out--that's the only explanation. As a last resort I used the whistle that he always comes to--No Fitz!!!!! Panic doubles and I whistle again. I hear a little squeak and my little fuzzball climbs OUT OF the couch. He had pulled the lining down and was sleeping in with the springs! Crazy critter!
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Dani hasn't shown signs of theft yet but I'm sure there are times when she'd like to steal and hide our new puppy...permanently

She has exhibited a remarkable ability to hide herself. She's opened a dresser drawer, climbed over the back of the drawer and hid there. The first time, I tried to close the drawer and heard her whimper in protest...oops
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