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Gonna Try 'em

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i am going to Petsmart after work today to get some softpaws/softclaws. I am ging to try them on Phenom. So please wish me luck in getting her to settle down long enough for me to get them on her!!
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yay! good luck with them! try to catch your kitty right after a nap or something when she's not riled up... it also may help to have someone else around (if possible) to give a hand... have you clipped your kitty's nails before? If you have than at least she's used to you touching her feet... when I first put them on Oliver, I clipped his nails and then put him in his leash and harness (because he's much calmer in them) and my boyfriend helped out with holding him... now I just scoot him back in between my knees (while i'm kneeling on the floor) and they get replaced real quick! Try not to feel nervous or something while you're doing it, as your kitty will pick up on that... just go slow and you may have to do only a few at a time - she'll get used to it, dont worry!!

Let us know how it goes!
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Turning into a Prezel for you - good luck!
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Yay We gave her a flea bath first then wrapped her up in a towel and put them on. She got ansy after the first paw so we let her go until she had calmed down. She didnt really bother them. We got her fronts done and we are debating doing the back claws. She scratches up the leather sofa with those too. Has anyone put them on the hind paws??
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My friend Charlene, put them on her cat's back feet only... he doesnt scratch up things with his front paws, but really bunny kicks the stuffing out of her mom's arms (and he's living with her mom since she's an RA at school and can't have him in the dorms)... so I don't see why it would hurt - maybe check the product website and see if there's anything under the FAQ or anything about that.... glad it's worked out so far!!!
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Soft paws are still a huge success. i have only had to replace 2. i just dont think they were on good in the first place. there still arent any on the back but i am going to try those again soon!!
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