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It's time-

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Cleo is a cross-breed, a bob-tailed cat. He has lived outside, under an old abandoned farmhouse for over eleven years. I am not sure how he has survived against the odds- statistics say that outside kitties rarely live past 5 years. But he has perservered, coming in three times a day to eat, get snuggles and leave.

I can count on one hand how many times he has been inside. These were not pleasant experiences for him or us. He trashed the surgical room when he was neutered- they "thought" they had put him under.

But now, it is time for him to come indoors and live either in the enclosure, or in the house. There is a new feral in the neighborhood, a tough, fierce tomcat that looks like some sort of bengal cross. He is old, he is aggressive and he has been beating up my Cleo.

This morning, Cleo showed up again, this time his eye has been torn. I am taking him to the vet in a few minutes, but I talked to him and told him that this is it. He is no longer getting his freedom. He is going to have to adapt to being indoors.

Now, I just have to see if the transition is possible. I hope it goes smoothly, but his meow is enough to make grown people cringe. Loud, raspy and very demanding. I hope he doesn't lose his eye- his upper eyelid is completely torn and I pulled so many loose claws out of his fur. I just hope he also nailed the feral that attacked him so-
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O no Hissy!!!!!! Cleo sure did'nt make a new friend there did he? I hope his eye is ok!!!! I hope he trust you enough by now to come inside and live with you. Please let me know what the vet says about his eye, poor baby.
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Hope he recovers well, MA, and that he accepts the inevitable loss of freedom. If anyone can sell it to him, you can. Of course, that spiffy new enclosure might help.

Thinking of you both.
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The news is not good. There is a hole in the eye, and since it happened a few days ago there is now an ulcer in his eye as well. The hole is quite large- and the vet is giving it a week to respond to the meds. He has eye ointments and antibiotics to take now. He got a shot of penicillian. It may be that surgery will be required to close the hole. We will see how it goes, and right now he is inside and miserable-
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Oh Hissy... you're doing what's best for him... don't lose sight of that.

I'm sorry to hear about Cleo's eye. I hope the he responds well to the meds.
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O no!!!! Not only does he have to put up with being inside, but now he has to go through meds and eye cream POOR CLEO!!!! I hope he forgives you Hissy! I feel awful for him, and you. Poor poor baby, let us know how his eye does in the coming days. Does the vet think they will be able to save it or is it too early to tell? I hope it heals up fine without the surgery. Chichi, Murphy and I are sending lots of hugs and get well vibes you way. Thank God Cleo has a great meowmy!!!!!! YEA for Hissy!
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Poor sweet Cleo! I do hope that eye responds to the meds.
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A feral my friend takes care of had to have his eye removed a few months ago. He stayed inside to recover for a couple of weeks but he's been back outdoors for 6 months now and is doing great. So losing an eye isn't the end of the world for these guys. (BTW, my friend's colonies have numerous cats that are 10-12 years old and still doing extremely well.)
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Poor Cleo! It is so tough out there in the big old world! I hope he can acclimate to life inside. And that his addition doesn't upset the other inside ferals too much. And that his eye heals up without surgery.

Oh, Cleo, please calm down. You will be so much warmer and safer inside. In time, you will claim it as your own! Feel better, little man.
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Aw, MA - what a sad state for Cleo and you.

Prayers and good wishes that his eye heals quickly and that he can adjust to being at least in the enclosure.
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MA...if anyone can help Cleo adapt to an indoor environment, it is you.
You have my prayers that everything will go well your wild child.
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Here is Cleo telling me exactly what he thinks about inside living- you can see his right eye isn't opened all the way

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Aww...poor baby!

He certainly has made his feeling clear in that pic, though, hasn't he?

Get well soon Cleo!
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Sending tons of Get Well wishes for Cleo and patience prayers for you! It looks like you are going to need it Poor grouchy old guy
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I am sorry, and just send best wishes that he heals the ulcer without surgery, and realizes it's time to live his remaining years with fewer fights and a lot more comfort. I pray he adjusts well enough to own his corner of the enclosure and perhaps once in a great while, allow one of the others to clean his ears and face for him.
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Well said, Pat!
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Awww bless him If only he knew it was for his own good though
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awww poor little Cleo

sure hope he heals quickly and adjusts as much as he can
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Poor Cleo....and poor Hissy having to worry over him while trying to do what is best for him....even though he does`nt much appreciate it.
I guess it`s even hard for cats to get old and have someone else make decisions for them for thier own good.
Pets to Cleo and a hug for you , Hissy.
I`m praying his eye will heal up much better than is expected. Sometimes these old fellas are tougher than we think. I hope that is true of Cleo.
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I hope Cleo's eye gets better and does not require surgery.Your right it is time for him to spend the rest of his life in a safe place.Bless you for providing the safe place and care for him..
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He found his freedom sometime last night. He dug out of the enclosure and he had to go deep to do so. Three cats followed him (I have them back). I had to put my traps out to do so. But they went right in. It is raining extremely hard right now and they had never been outside on my property so they were a tad confused and went right to the food. But Cleo is gone. The tunnel has been filled in and it is likely I will never see him again.

But there are fates worse than death, and perhaps Cleo felt he was in that situation. Once it gets light out, I will go to the abandoned farmhouse i know he lives under and see if I can find him. It has ben an exhausting night for us, and had it not been for Chyna our GSD I woudn't have found the tunnel until first light-
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Oh no!
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I'm really sorry! Goodluck finding him
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Ah, that's too bad. I guess he's one of those cats that just cannot tolerate any sort of confinement. I'm so glad you got the other three back. I hope Cleo still comes over for food & pats.
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Oh no MA I am so sorry Cleo made his way out. It's so hard because sometimes they just don't understand we are forced to do things we don't want to in hopes of protecting them and keeping them safe.
I hope you are able to find him and that maybe he just needed one more time out before making the transition.
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Oh no!!! I am so sorry MA!!! I am sure if anyone can find and help him, it is you!!!! And I will keep good thoughts and even some prayers!! (I am afraid lately - as involved in my Roman Catholic Church as I was once that seeing so much death daily and bad things overseas (never mind the recent New Orleans visit) - that my prayers are not as frequent and I am more of a doubter than I have ever been, sort of wondering what kind of God allows these horrid things to happen? It's been just too much, I need to re read Man's Search for meaning (saga of how one man survived the Holocaust with his soul and faith intact). So hopefully, my prayers - so infrequent - will mean more to God if s/he is listening at all!

I wish you and Cleo only the best!!
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MA, saying prayers for Cleo to be safe and for you to find him to verify he's okay.
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I found him but I can't get to him. He is back under the abandoned farmhouse, but the holes are to narrow for me to access him. I can hear him. I left him food and medicine in whipped cream and that is all I can do for now until he chooses to come out to me. I am calling the vet to find out what his outcome is if I can't catch him again.
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Oh, Hissy, I am so sorry that Cleo dug his way out. He is just trying to do his best to live independently. As I am saying, "No, Cleo, come back!" I can almost hear Jeff, Captain Feathersword, Peaches and Tommy saying, "Run, Cleo, run!" He made his choice.

I do pray that he will take the antibiotics in the whipped cream. And that he will continue to heal. And that you are able to trap him and the nasty feral cat, so Cleo can heal under your watchful eye, and the feral can be neutered.

Hugs to you at this difficult time. I am so glad you did see him. Please, Cleo, understand that Hissy is there to help!

Cyberkitten, I have also had a lot of unanswered prayers lately. And some with a glimmer of hope or improvement, followed by the death of the person or cat I was praying for. I even had a little fit yesterday, while talking to a friend. Almost like a child saying, but I want it my way, God. Today I am starting to remember that ideally we pray that God's will be done. And while I know it is not God's wish that anything bad happens, sometimes things do happen for a larger purpose. And as Hissy said, there are fates worse than death. May your questions and searching bring you closer to the divine one.

(And I have also had good outcomes to prayer-maybe 18 y/o Mally did not live, but her family is drawing closer, and gaining comfort from the community. Her brother's faith remains strong, and now sweet Mally is at peace.)
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