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Hey all in FL. It looks like Rene, Donna and I along with quite a few in our cat club will be in Tampa this Sept. It would be awsome if we could meet some of you floridians!!
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*I'm there! Its only 3 hrs away for me. And I'll be in my new home by then, installing cat walkways and the like, so if you come down 95, then your all welcome to stop and meet my boys. Oh, and me of course. Let me know!
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MeowMan...do you never have your AIM turned on? I tried to reach you.
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Florida people - consider showing one of your own household pets and spending the weekend getting to know us Connecticut folks! Simply go to AACEinc.org and check out the September show information (it may not be on the site yet, but it will be). How much fun would it be to show with cat site friends - and if you don't want to show, then plan on coming to meet us and cheer on our guys! The show is scheduled the third or fourth weekend of September - we are really looking forward to it. Just think you could meet Milo, Merlot (my Abby kitten), Donna's Sphynx and maybe her new kitten, Sandy's awesome Munchkin babies - well worth spending a day with us!

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Debby, I'm at work right now. I can't access my AIM account here, just post and the like. TheKittyGuy is my AIM name. I do have it on when I'm online at home, so you'll have to wait til' I'm there to talk directly to me. But, I work in the evenings, leaving at 4:30 and usually arriving home between 1 am and 2 am.

I talked to Donna on the phone tonight! Great lady! I would love to meet all of you.

But, to show my cats? Hahahahaha! Socrates would have none of that. He's too moody. And Tiger might win fattest cat, lol.
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Donna seems like a great person! Glad you all got to chat offline.
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I feel like a little kid "I wanna go! I wanna go! LOL...This is so cool...A kitty cat show! Forget that with my cats...I'd have to buy a cat to enter! I could see it know, OPIE, definitely "Most Misbehaved" award bar none! I call him the lizard torture machine...he doesn't kill them he just pulls their tails off. Yeah...nice kitty! But, he's my baby. Oh, Sharky, uh-huh...purrr, purrr, rreeeow!! He has a slight headicap...forget that! Oh and Ninya (ahem) Ms. Rolly Polly...She'll be Meowman's Tiger's date! Elvis...he's a possibility, but I'm afraid he might hurt himself he's so darned crosseyed.
Ummm...Brownie...you'd have to catch him first, Job's a feral, he's just now coming out of a halfway house...so that kinda takes care of that. So, I guess that just leaves me and possibly a guest to go with up there to meet all of you guys! I hope so...please keep me posted as the date gets closer.
God Bless All!
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I was thinking the same thing Catrina--I wanna go too! But that's out for me. I live in California and getting someone to watch all these cats for me would be impossible. It sure sounds like fun though.
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Hey Connecticut, you forgot about me and I'm the important one. I'll be judging your cats -- hahahahaha. Anyway, it would be wonderful if we could all meet you guys. Rene, Donna, Michele and, of course, Sandy are wonderful. We all spent the weekend in PA and celebrated Sandy's husband's birthday and I got to give Rene's husband, Clint, his pride and joy (or at least one of his prides and joy -- all of the cats are his pride and joy), Merlot. It was such fun and I love going back to see everyone. Hey, I'll be back in Jersey in May and guys, be nice, I'm judging again. Sorry Rene but Merlot won't be able to be judged by me yet but everyone at the show will see how much he looks like his dad Jingles because Jingles is coming with me. I also have to thank in advance Rene's husband, because although I'm judging, I can't show Jingles so Rene's husband always volunteers to do it for me. I've really missed you guys but had a really bad week which I will go into at a later time. One thing's for sure, I missed this board.

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Frannie, Frannie, Frannie...

We would never forget about you!! We are going to have a blast in FL!! May you are going to get to judge my new babies and you will never have seen them before!!
I am hoping we can get more catsite people together in Fl. Also, we need to make CT people aware of the shows here and in Jersey...what fun we could all have!!
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