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Immunizations necessary

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OK I need to know. Vaccination time is fast approaching...and I want my boys to have what they need...but not more than they need.
They are inside onlys....but I also want them to be protected for the "just in case" of an escape also.
So....what is necessary???
Thanks in advance for the info!
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I'm interested in what everyone has to say about this also.Blaze had one set of shots when she was tiny and now has her Rabies.
Nella has all her shots including Rabies.
I feel Rabies is VERY important, but what other ones are if the cat is STRICTLY indoors only?
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Rosie and Sophie are indoors and i only give the the flu/enteritis shots not leukemia, and we don't need the rabies here in the UK.
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Thanks for the info.....my vet said indoor kitties don`t need rabies here in Michigan either. I know that distemper can be brought in from outside, so i`m sure I`ll do that...I just did`nt know what else...and am afriad that the vets around here might just give series of shots...and I`m not sure that I agree with giving more than what they actually need.
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I said Rabies, because if your cat should bite someone enough to penetrate the skin, you would need to verfiy they had their Rabies shot.Atleast, that's what I've always heard
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Some places Rabies is required by law because it is a zoonotic disease (it is transferable across species), so I would make sure what is required in your area (I do a 3 year on my kitties, who are indoor only). I also reccomend the upper respiratory FECVR (or whatever is similar that your vet offers) these are the diseases that are more common and you could potentially bring in. I also think of it this way if you were walking along and found a tiny kitten would you leave it or bring it home? I do fostering so I make sure my kitty's are protected (I test all fosters for Felv/FIV before they come into my home, so I do not vaccinate for these.).
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Stampit, all 27 Vet Schools and the AAHA have endorsed a new vaccine protocol - if you haven't already seen this thread, it may be a good time to review this information and even print off a copy of the report to discuss with your vet ...


Even though the top part of the report deals with puppies/dogs, you should still read/print it so you can give the information to your vet - you never know, it might help someone. The cat-related section is very informative and I have printed off a bunch of copies so I can distribute one to each of my kitten buyers as well.

I am not one of those old harpies when it comes to vaccines (at least not so much as I am with dry cat food - I HATE that stuff!!) but do believe we overvaccinate our animals, which actually compromises their immunity instead of helping.

I hope this helps both you and your vet to make informed decisions about your cat's needs for vaccines.


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