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What is catnip?...

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The lady at petco told me catnip is like a drug to them...gets them relaxed and all by rubbing them self on it.

Well so i baught 2 small catnip pillow looking toys, about 1.5inches big.

My cat dosnt play with it as much as she dose with her squid looking toy.

And whats the best way to use catnip? I seen them sold as is in a can.

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Cat nip is like a stimulant to most cats. Some cats are not affected by it at all, and most cats will react differently to it. Kittens under 5 or 6 months do not have any reaction to it though. I personally only purchase certified organic catnip, it is stronger and fresher IMO.I just spreas it out over their scratching post and they will rub on it. My older cat Chichi gets a little silly from it, but my youngen, Murphy, goes ga ga over it.Some people put it in their food, I have personally never tried this though. Well I hope I helped you out a little See ya
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I personally use Valerian, as you can't get catnip in Spain. All my cats look as if they've been smoking weird things. It really stinks for humans though
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Are there different types of catnip? In Japan, we have fresh grass-looking catnip that my cat likes to eat.
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I've seen some cats who respond to catnip with agitation and violence, so I hesitate to use it. Has anyone ever seen valerian cause a bad reaction?

And...with all due respect, Lightninrod -- may I ask in what spirit you use the phrase, "Deo Vindice?"
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i seen dryed catnip in the can, and also fresh ones in growing pots. Witch ones better?
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Carol: You have a PM.

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