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Bengal Behavior Questions

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I am really thinking about getting a Bengal. I have been doing research on them. I have a lot of experience with cats. I have about 18 years of experience with outdoor cats (lived outside of town). I have plenty of time to invest in care and training. I just want to make sure I know as much as possible before brining an animal under my care. Oh, and I have a bengal book by Jean Mill on order.

From what I have read, and seen in pictures, it seems that bengals are very natural climbers and I wonder about getting onto counter tops and tables. With enough work can they be trained to keep from getting onto such places? I know I could tolerate these activities to a small extent as long as it was an isolated incident. I’m not as sure about my roommates. They like cats but probably wouldn’t be crazy to find one on the counter or kitchen table.
I see that many of them seem to like water and that is a behavior that I would like to encourage if they exhibit an interest, but it seems to be in direct conflict with discouraging getting onto counters if they have to do so to get to the sink
Also, can they be trained to only scratch certain things fairly quickly if given places to scratch like posts, etc.? Are the deterrents like tin foil enough to keep scratching from occurring on the sides of chairs, couches, etc.?
Finally, until I can be relatively sure of good behavior while I’m away from my apartment, I would probably want to keep him/her shut in my bedroom while I’m in classes. Would there be anything wrong with that?

Also, are there any general tips or advice that anyone can give with respect to training or caring for a new Bengal? Anything to expect that you won't read about online?

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me!
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I have a bengal cross( lol monkey I think some days)... she has turned the whole house into a jungle gym ... she sits , stays and come by voice and or hand sygnal...she usually scrathes her posts, I have five thruout the house..I only had to use a deterent spray for about a week with catnip spray to train her.She is nearly as vocal as a siamese or at least the ones that I have had.. She is VERY active , if bored she gets into anything.. Hopehacker wrote Her Simba is like a naughty little boy in a good way... that is a great decription...
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Bengal cats are incredibly smart, so it is easy to train them, or for them to train you......if you let them.
It will be virtually impossible for you to keep them off of the table and kitchen counters. They are naturally athletic cats, who love to jump, climb and race around.
You can minimize their desire to be up on the counters, by investing in a large multi-level cat tree. Encourage them to play there, instead of the table, etc.

Keeping them from scratching your furniture is easily done, provided you purchase appropriate scratching posts for them as an alternative. You just have to be consistant in re-directing them to the scratching post when they go for the furniture. This training can take about a week, but expect mistakes on the part of the cat and that you will have to continue to re-direct from time to time until he/she is completely trained

Be advised, bengals require a lot of owner attention. They do not do well cooped up for long periods of time alone. These cats are extremely friendly and owner oriented, they must have your attention daily. If you can't dedicate at least 2 solid hours (daily) of your undivided time to your cat, don't get a bengal.

If I can advise you further, feel free to PM me.
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