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Two More Weeks to GO

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Rascal is scheduled to get neutered next Wednesday! I tried to get an appointment sooner, but I could not. I guess most people in Utah are responsible pet owners since getting an appointment to get spayed or neutered takes two weeks or more. The vet told me that I should put away Rascal's food and water after midnight. He is going in early. Is there anything I should bring with him so that his stay at the vet is comforting? A picture of me? Or his favorite blanket, toy, etc.?

I don't know why, but I wish I could watch the procedure to see how its done. I watch Emergency Vets and I get hooked everytime a surgery is in progress. Its very interesting to see them performing on animals, its very facinating. Its just a curiousity with me. Yes I know its strange. Hey, watching these things don't gross me out.
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Yea for you on getting your kitty neutered!! It's always nice to see responsible cat owners. You could bring with him a toy or a blanket but chances are he'll be to fidgety and nervous for them to make a difference.
Would you really like to know how it's done? I can tell you in detail but I wouldn't want to make you nervous about him going in for his operation. (I work in a clinic so I see it all the time.)
It's funny you know I can't watch human surgery and find it repulsive but I can have a conversation with the doctor while he's preforming surgery and not flinch a bit. I wonder what the difference is? Although watching my own animals go through is a totally different story. I'm a total ball of nerves and my heart is in my throat the entire time. :P
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I know. I am just curious. I mean, I never get sick to my stomach when I see surgery done. I don't know why. I guess it come with my long desire to be a vet or a vet assistant. I don't know why, but I don't get grossed out when I see animals being operated on, but when I see humans, then I get a little sick.

Ever since I was little and began watching animal shows, watching lions and tigers kill their pray does not get me sick. I am kind of wondering though, because when I was in the fourth grade, some nurse brought in a cow's brain and a cow's heart. We were studying body parts and used cow parts as an example. I got very dizzy. Now, I don't even flinch.

Thanks for the well wishes.
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I have seen a cat being neutered. It's actually pretty interesting, but I wouldn't want to watch my own furry friend be neutered. Then it's personal!!! I've also seen a cat spayed, have dental work done. I worked in a vet clinic for a while while I was co-oping there. It was an eye opener! I wish your kitty the best!
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Nena, I'm sure Rascal will be fine. I don't think I would watch it though, Susan is right, I saw a little bit of Merlin's surgery and it just haunted me later....it is so different when it is your little baby there on the table all chained down and opened up....it takes on a whole new meaning.
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I forgot to mention, though, that Merlin's surgery was alot more complicated than just a simple neutering, since he had one testicle inside, so I'm sure it won't be as bad for Rascal.
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