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Hi there!

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Just a quick note to say hi, and I've just discovered this site - which is great!

I am a computer programmer/techie who would much prefer to be a fiction writer (and will be one of these days, just you wait ...); I live alone apart from the cats; and I have to say, as a divorcee, that in my experience cats are much better live-ins than men. :tounge2: By the way, have you ever tried to do any serious work on a computer with one cat sitting on the tail of the mouse and the other between you and the keyboard? I have (most days!), and whilst very cute, it really doesn't make it easy!

My two rescue cats and I live South West of London, UK (about 200 yards from the boundary, in fact!); Jessie is an adorable little black girl with plush velvet fur who's now about 5½, and Jaffa is a 7½-year-old streetwise ginger tom who was barely tame when I got him 2 years ago but is now turning into a big softie.

You can see photos of them both at my cat site, www.berylm.com/cats, if you'd like to (but nothing recent of me - trust me, you don't want to ).

Hope to get to know you all better soon!
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Quick note - I just noticed the comma on the end of the website address got caught up in the url - just delete it to get the address to work!
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I like your kitties! Welcome!
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Beautiful kitties! I have a black kitty, too, and find that taking pictures that actually show his cute little face can be difficult. Your pictures of Jessie really show her off nicely!
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Thanks, valanhb (and alicat!) - and yes, those pictures do show Jessie off nicely ... what you don't see are the hundreds I had to take to get those few!

Good thing I used a digital camera or it would have been awfully expensive ...
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Both of your babies are gorgeous! Jessie looks so soft - how can you stop yourself from touching her all the time? Hope to see you posting often!
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I can't - when I say 'plush velvet fur' I mean that - her coat is soft and very thick and so-o-o-o-o cuddly, and she sleeps at night on the bed between the two pillows - that is, right next to my head, usually with my arm around her!

Jaffa often sleeps on the bed too, but he's still a little nervy and is usually out of my reach ... but not always ... he's developed a habit of treadling the quilt next to me and gradually moving up the quilt until he (quite deliberately) moves over the edge and treadles me ...!
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I absolutely love the pics of your cats!!! Gorgeous!! Well, welcome to the site, I'll see yah in the posts
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