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Something i wanted to share...

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My mom has fought cancer....cervical cancer years ago, breast cancer this year and we've been told there is a possibility she could have it on her brain. She wrote this piece...it really opened my eyes to life...and i believe anyone going through a hard time could use this inspiration. It's kinda lengthy but so worth reading. Enjoy!

Sound frightening and impossible?
These are some thoughts on how some people conquer cancer and how you can conquer some of your greatest fears.
You know everyone is afraid of something but everyone has the fear of hearing the diagnosis of cancer.
For so many, they hear it and it is like a death sentence, but I am here to politely say that is just simply not true!
It can be a new lease on life!
If you or a loved one is ever told you have cancer, see if you don't wake up with a different attitude each morning. That is one of the blessings of this diagnosis: you know you will die. You still don't know when, but now you are awakened to the fact and can take advantage of this knowledge, but guess what?
You were going to die before you were diagnosed, we all were, we just didn't think about it. The diagnosis doesn't change anything, all of our days are numbered, no matter what. Your days were already numbered and the diagnosis didn't speed it up in any way. Only God knows when He will call you home and the doctors you have been talking to may be going before you. Let's pray they don't. I wouldn't wish anyone harm, but don't let them tell you how long you have to live. Truth is they don't know for sure how long they have to live. Anyone can go at any given time. A sense of humor goes a long way, as does confidence in knowing where you are going when you do die. REMEMBER, we are all going to die; this is not a new concept. This is, however, your opportunity to take advantage of the information, so first steps first.

Seek to hold a positive attitude and expect nothing less from those around you. What a blessing to wake up and say "Thank you God for another beautiful day.â€
You are awakened to the fact that each day is what it has always been, for you and everyone else, it is possibly the last day you have on earth. Help others experience this newfound source of well being. Also, help them to appreciate today for what it is, remember, it may be the last day of their life, cancer or no cancer.

Everyone suffers some type of trial, everyone needs hope, and I believe some don’t have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the Lord as their Savior, and they don’t know the difference. Try to be a BLESSING to someone everyday. You will find you are more blessed than the person whose life you may touch. A smile, a hug, and a prayer can plant a seed you may never see grow. If cancer is your battle in life, make it a good one!
Keep on fighting! Take control of your situation when and where you can and make something out of it.

Think of not feeling that rush when you awake dreading the day or seeing ‘that someone you just can’t stand. There are probably some that wake up with either a panic attack, or a wave of emotion washing over them about those moments. If you can channel your energy in a positive manner, you WILL be grateful for another beautiful day. Another day to see your spouse or your children or your friends and co-workers! I guarantee either way you won't have the same attitude you had before "the diagnosis." But you know what the real difference between now and before the diagnosis is? You are faced with the fact that death is a reality, but it always was, you just never thought much about it. Make each day count! Especially if that involves an apology, or MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, the offer of forgiveness that you may have been holding back for someone you feel has done you wrong. Nothing puts a spring in your step and lifts a load off your back than being able to say, “I forgive youâ€. (EXCEPT “Will you forgive me?â€)
That is because in fact you are forgiving yourself for not letting God’s unconditional love shine through you.

Open up those dark places where you hold anger, bitterness, hurt feelings and injustice in your heart. I firmly believe that even though we may not verbally express our prayers, God hears our hearts and thoughts. So, what message is your mind and heart broadcasting? I’m concerned about folks that may think God only listens to your good thoughts or to those hymns you sing and prayers you speak on Sunday morning. No, I think He is more of a 24/7 kind of God, don’t you?

Why do you or a loved one have cancer?
Don't waste your time asking why! You'll never get an answer. God is the Creator of the universe and doesn't owe you an answer or explanation.
There are many people out there who want to ask why.
Why did he die so young from a heart attack?
Why were they killed in a car wreck?
Why did she commit suicide?
You never know. God could be saving you from something worse. If you look around you can always find someone in a harder situation than you. Could this be a wake up call from God? Maybe he's been whispering your name and you didn't listen so now he's shouting at you.
Do we have our priorities in order?
We each have work, family and other activities that we spend time on each and every day in which we don’t think about having God involved. Yet, along comes a hard, hurtful and difficult time and what we do? WE CALL ON GOD. That's called a Crisis Christian' and I too am guilty as charged. I would call on God in a crisis and cancer definitely counted as a crisis. Instead of wondering why, ask God, “What do you want me to do with this? How can I take what seems to be a tragedy and turn it around to a situation that can learn from and be a better person?â€
Sometimes people don’t know what to say when they hear the news. Be especially open to those and encourage their questions about why and how you can be positive and smile.
How you can keep a positive attitude?
Why you are filled with such a peace and how you can keep on smiling? Tell them its no secret, salvation is free, and God is your best friend. Your best friend is always there with unconditional love. I had a best friend in my Grandma who always told me, “I’m not afraid to die, but I wouldn’t mind sticking around for a while longer, cause I kind of like this ole world!†In my case, it would not be the ‘going’ because I have so many people to see again. It would be the ‘leaving’ of my loved ones behind. Therefore, with God’s grace and good humor, I will stick around for a while longer thank you very much!

Always keep the faith that there IS life eternal. Things of this world will pass away, but eternity lasts FOREVER.
The world is like a piece of pie and a tall glass of milk. It tastes good now but, when you’re finished eating, your hunger and thirst will return.
Heaven is like a cool, clean, clear glass of water, no calories, it quenches a parched dry thirst like nothing else, and as I said before, it lasts forever!

Did you know there have been articles written on the healing power of faith?
Studies have been done and it has been proven that people who are strong in their faith of God, or a "higher power" as they put it, do better overall. They live longer, recover quicker and experience less stress. People haven't been saying "God is good" for all these years for nothing. Have faith, because God IS good, and God knows what is best for each of us.

This doesn’t mean you'll live to be a 100 years old, but it does offer you the chance to live everyday with a new attitude. You could stay alive longer than that and yet will you have really lived? Physically we are all going to die, we can be healed by faith if it is God's will, but the spirit is what's important! If you are healed spiritually nothing else matters. Spiritual healing means you have won the battle, with cancer and anything else the world throws at you, through your belief and faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

TEACH others by setting a good example.
Show them no matter what the situation, with Jesus, there is always a hope and peace that surpasses everything else on earth.
Be a BLESSING to someone everyday if possible. Trust me, it will bless you more!
KEEP THE FAITH - there is life eternal - things of this world always pass away.
DO NOT BE AFRAID - fear will wear you down.
If the Lord is for you, no one can be against you. There is not anyone or anything that
you have to fear, because He is the Lord of Lords!
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Your Mom is very wise.
You are blessed that she is your Mother.
I will add her to my prayer list.
Thank you so much for sharing her wisdom with us.
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Wow your Mum is a great writer. I can't really relate to any of it, since it's about god and stuff. Big hugs to your Mum.
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Thank you for taking the time to read this Xocats and Wellingtoncats..she is such a strong spirit and because of her strength it has made this rocky road alot smoother. She is my hero!!!
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Yasmine...I know that your Mom feels blessed that she has a daughter as loving as you.
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