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Kitty Krazies?

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Now I know for a fact some of you have cats who do this..

About twice a day (usually after eating) TyTy will speed through the house, tail arched, ears flat against the head, making "Pppprrrrrrlllllllooow" noises.. Hard to decribe but its a meow mixed with a purring noise. Sometimes during his run he'll freeze, look around really fast, and then take off, and usually he also bounces off the dog's head in mid run. And when he hits the dog he makes that noise..

I absolutely love it when they do this.. TyTy will also use the furniture as his track sometimes, instead of the floor. Its just so funny because he'll be absolutely calm and normal and then the "krazies" will come out of nowhere and he'll take off, making the noise to mean he's "starting".

Can anyone else share their "Kritty Krazies" stories and what in particular will "set your cat off"?
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Since I have my breeding cats in the cat room most of the time I don't see them go crazy but when Sophie goes crazy, she goes crazy! She flies up into the kitchen jumps on the microwave, off the microwave, onto the stove, off the stove, on the fridge - etc etc. Oh to have that much energy!
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Come on.. Someone else has got to have a cat like this. LOL
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My two will go nuts out of no where about once a day. Usually it's in the evening when I'm relaxing on the couch. One of the kits will hang out in the kitchen, and all of a sudden they run past me with a puffy tail and dash up the stairs for absolutely no reason. Sillies.
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Fawn is the one who does this most. Suzy does occasionally, but not as predicatble in her route.

Our house provides a wonderful track. Fawn generally starts at the top of the front stairs, charges slightly right, through the living room, the dining room, careens through the corner of the kitchen into the back hall "on two wheels", where she bounces off the wall, and back down the hall to the front stairs, which she takes in two bounds, down to the front door, does a quick 180, and bounces up onto the railing, ready with her dazzling "I'm cute!" grin for the human spectator. I'm out of breath from typing that, but it's quite representative of the experience of watching it! If the human spectator happens to be close enough to her at the end of that performance, a chirp might be audible in conjunction with the grin. Silly kitty!
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Since I moved to a house, they will bolt up and down the stairs! Last night, someone was going crazy with a jingly ball upstairs. My husband says "I'm going to take care of this problem" and gets out of bed. I hear the ball going, da-dum, da-dum, etc. Then i don't hear it any more. They had chased the ball downstairs and were happily playing away without interfering with our sleep. They also like to ambush eachother in the cat tunnel.
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