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Please Help! Cat peeing everywhere all of a sudden...

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Hello, I am new to this forum, and I hope that I am posting in the right thread area...I will try to give all the info here,,,I have 2 cats, brother and sister, that are about 1 to 2 years old. The male has been neutered(if that is the right process for the male) and I didn't have the extra money so I never got around to spaying the female.

The female is the problem...she has already peed on the floor before, and that was when I had one litter box and the male i am sure was guarding the one litter box. I locked her in a room by herself for 2 weeks and got another litter box which was in that room she was locked in, and then after that 2 weeks everything has been fine...

Now, since the past week she is peeing everywhere, on papers that my roommate had on the floor in his room, on his clothing, and at random various places on the floor. She actually just now peed on the floor right in front of me sitting on the chair at my comuter desk.

The color of her pee is very orangey colored, it doesn't look like it's blood in her pee, just very dark orange, not a normal yellow as her color of pee was before when she peed.

She doesn't appear to be in heat, she has been before about 3 times since I had her and she didn't pee anywhere but in the litter box. She hasn't been in heat for many months now about 5 months now and she seemed to be in heat every 2 months, but now it has been like forever since she was last in heat.

Due to the pee color, might she have a urinary tract infection? Might she be peeing because of finally needing to be fixed/spayed?? I haven'tchanged the brand of litter and she has used it before and not peed on the floor.

Right now she is using the litter box, but she also pees on the floor, and this past week or so 80% of the time its on the floor.

It seems when I take her and put her back into my room and lock the door and keep her from contact with her brother/the male, she does't pee 'as much' on the floor, although she did in that room 2 times now this past week since she has been doing this. 2 times now she just peed right in front of me. It seems when I just left her come out of the back room after now 2 days because i felt bad she was locked up and she peed immediately, which was the act by my foot sitting at my computer. I assume she knows she did wrong because as soon as she did that she ran away kind of quickly but low to the floor and ran behind the couch and wouldn't come out.

I don't want to get rid of her, but I can't take this. It's driving me bananas....PLEASE all advice is welcome. What should I do?

My email address is:

Please help what should I do?????????
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Please get her spayed first off. Get her to the vet to be checked for a UTI blood in the pee is not the only symptom of a UTI. She needs to be health checked first off and spayed immediately. Allowing her to continue to have heat cycles puts her strong in the running for nasty infections like pyometra and mammary cancers.
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Ok I will do it immediately. Just curious, what causes a female cat to pee on the floor is she isn't spayed? What causes here to pee on the floor with a UTI?

Thanks again!
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She needs to be be spayed, I'm willing to bet that's the problem.
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It is just their way of getting our attention. Cats mask pain pretty well, but pain makes them act out oftentimes, and missing the litter pan is one way that you know your cat is trying to tell you something. You always rule out a health issue first before moving on to a behavior or the state of the litter pans
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I am of the understanding that females can mark areas with urine like males, most especially when not spayed. My cat was doing the exact same thing - we couldn't leave ANYTHING on the floor. And we took her to get her spayed and she had ovarian cysts all over the inside of her that were really, really making her hormonal.

Also, if a cat has pain going to the bathroom, as with a UTI, sometimes they associate the pain with the box and think if they don't go in the box, then they won't have pain, you see?

Let us know how the vet visit goes, I KNOW that spaying will make your girl a lot happier and healthier!
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ok! Thanks SOOO much everybody - I am calling the vet tommorrow to schedule.

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good luck at the vet!! let us know how everything goes.
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