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Alpha is home

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Just wanted to share some pics with you all. This is one of the kittens that was on Cat SOS board here needing a home.Her foster momma and I got to meet today. She's such a sweet person.It's not every day that you get a chance to meet a member who you post to often.Alpha is a beautiful kitten.We have her in our bathroom, with food,water,litter box.She's chosing to stay in a crate right now with the door open..........hiding under a cover.
Blaze saw her when we brought her in the house and hissed at her.So, we will keep them seperate for a few weeks and then slowly introduce them to one another.

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Awww how sweet!!! Thats so wonderful!! They will be the best of friends in no time.
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Awww, she's a beauty!! Congrats!!
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Thank you all. Her new name is Nella

She loves to be petted and will knead you like there is no tomm. We'll give them both their space and let them get use to one another SLOWLY!!! I have still in our bathroom with a towel that Blaze laid on to get her scent.I'll give Blaze the same towel tomm. so that she can get use to Nella's scent.I am hoping and praying that they both get along and become friends SOON!! We're giving Nella her space, but going in the bathroom every 20 mintues or so, so she'll know she's not alone.(I have our dirty clothes hamper in there, so our smell is in there also)
Will share more pics as she gets use to us and her new home
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Shes adorable!
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she is so cute hopefully they will bond soon. she looks so comfy cuddled up in the blanket
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