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My girls..

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It's warmed up a little bit, so we opened up the back door today. Walked into the kitchen this morning to find this:

Giselle, Isabelle, Ginger, and Gypsy - all in order from smallest to largest.
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Ohhhh too adorable. They want to go out to play. lol GREAT picture.
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Thats a very sweet photo!!

What good babies!
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Oh, my, but they are beautiful! How cute!
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Oh that's priceless!
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That is a great picture!!!
Beautiful cats

And hey!!! Where is Angel???
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how cute it looks like they allwant to go outside and play
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That is adorable!
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What a cute picture! I wondered where Angel was, too?
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How very cute photo, and such lovely babies!
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That is too cute!!! looks like a picture from a calender!
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Aaaww That is an adorable photo!!!
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That's a great pic!! I wish all of mine got along that well!!
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There all very beautiful, I like ginger, great picture
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Aww, thanks guys!

Angel doesn't really get along with the other girls. The four in the picture were all fast friends, but Angel only tolerates them. She's more people savvy.

I do believe she was asleep on one of the beds while I was taking the picture.
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What little cutie pies they are
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Thats gorgeous! Good to see they all get on so well. Im really hopeing I'll be able to get pics like then when we get our second kitten
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