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Upstate NY Nightmare

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I don't really know how to put this so I will just tell what the problem is.
I am 100% disabled and still waiting for disability which is hard enough when it comes to money issues of a small amount
Two nights ago my 6 month old cat got out of the trailer and when I found her in the morning she had been attacked by something that did massive damage to her...she has a broken jaw from what I can see and her right side of face is swollen and her right eye is swollen shut
I called everywhere to get her help but all the vets in this area were extremely unwilling to help unless I came up with some ungodly amount as a deposit which is impossible with my present situation
I even checked some of the organizations around but the could only help with spaying which is useless if I can't keep her alive
I don't know where to turn or what to do but I am very upset that I am going to have to watch my poor cat die just because I am poor and disabled....I can't understand that most vets have swapped care and compassion with greed and self gain...this is upsetting to me and I would like to know if there are and other programs for helping people like me
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Don't blame the vets, they are innundated daily with sick kittens and people who expect them to help the cat for free. Most of them will work with you with payments if you are a good client with a payment record in good standing.

There are organizations that can help you, but many of them have strict policies and guidelines and if you don't fall into a certain category they won't help you.



Next time, keep your cat indoors, it is so much safer. I learned that the hard way last year when 5 of my strays were severely injured. Now my cats live either in the house or in the enclosure we built for them that connects to the house.
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Welcome to TCS and {{{Prayers & vibes}}} that you have a solution soon. I have heard of imom.org, and I am praying that they can help. It is deplorable that your poor cat has to suffer. Please keep us posted - we want to be there for you no matter what! Also, you might want to post asking for "board magic" - I've seen some incredible results from so many caring individuals here at TCS, for the healing of your cat. Hugs, susan
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There is no need to watch your poor cat suffer. As Hissy said, you can not expect any vet to work for free- Would you??? I would call around to various animal rescues (SPCA, Humane Society, City Pound...) and explain your situation. They may not help you but they will help your cat. They will probably require that you sign over ownership to them and you will probably not be able to have her back but at least she will get treatment or be humanely euthanised. If none of these organizations will help you, I am sure one of the vets would put her to sleep for free to end her suffering.
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I am so sorry. I know it must be terrible to see your cat in pain. I hope one of the organizations here can help. Please let us know how things turn out.
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