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Junk mail bin

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Okay, I finally figured out how to get rid of unwanted mail. First, I went to options on Hotmail and chose Junk Mail filter. I was getting a lot of porno offers and I really don't need it. So I finally figured out how to make it so that I can get rid of the junk mail without checking to see if its anything I need. But I still get unwanted emails in my inbox. Whether I block or try to remove my name at the bottom, the same email comes but with a different address. Its making me mad! Does anyone have Hotmail?
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Yeah, I just click on anything from an unknown sender and delete it.
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The only computers that I use is in the computer lab at school. They prohibit us from looking at anything offensive. But sometimes, I see messages in the inbox that actually say very gross things. Like this morning, I got one that should be addressed to a man. Asking me about things I don't have(If you know what I mean) I delete them and everything, but when I finally have my onw computer??? Maybe I should marry a computer wiz,huh? Just kidding!
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I recently put my junk mail indicator on low, and I find that it's more bother than it's worth. Important mail was put in my junk mail folder, and a lot of junk still got through to my inbox. So I took the filter off...I can live with deleting the junk manually. It doesn't take much effort anyways!
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You could set it to exclusive, then only emails that are from a sender included in your address book will go into inbox and everything else in Junk Mail.
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I, too, found the junk mail filter to be useless. Exclusive is not the answer because I have my email address on forums, on job search sites, and even have a link on my website. I would venture a guess that about 1/3 of my wanted mail is from people who are not in my address book.

Mail that I wanted was still going into the junk mail folder, which meant I was still forced to comb through it and delete the junk.
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I have a separate e-mail program, called Outlook Express, and a perpetual e-mail address through Apple (because I own one of their computers). I can set folders and rules in OE and it sorts things for me. For example, I have a folder for stuff from friends, stuff from family, update notices for this site, etc. and a general box for everything else. So if I don't feel llike looking at the junk mail, I don't look in that box. Because I request info and get a few newsletters and such too, but I get tired of the gambling ads!
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