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gorgeous ky cats PTS

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I've asked before and I'm asking again. Please help our cats. Ryobious has offered to take some but we are beyond full and some are already gone and can't be saved. I am transporting to ry and another volunteer is transporting to New York but we still have way too many cats. We have cared for these cats and medicated them when sick and buy their food from our own pockets. We volunteer at a local kill shelter and it is too full and we can't hold off euthanasia. People just keep bringing in kittens and saying it looks like you take such good care of them so I'll leave my kittens/cats here, too. They are bringing in cats. I've got to go volunteer and find room for more as Sunday is also a big day for turn-ins. After they go to church they come in and dump their animals.

We are Grayson County Humane Society and we want to save our cats. Some are already speutered and a rescue could take them easily.


If you are nearby, or on the way to one of our other transports I can bring cats to you if you want to adopt. Adoption fee is $45. Two cats for $65. There is more information on our petfinder pages. We want them to live!
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Ky cats are still waiting to be saved.
They are at the Grayson Co Humane Society in Leitchfield, KY. We voluntarily run our municipal shelter. When we are full(as we are now) the ones that aren't already speutered will die. Some go to barn homes but I have learned that not all the good samaritans who offer to help us actually feed the cats after they are rehomed. I don't want anymore to go to that program.

If you have room to rescue any please contact us. My deal with Ry fell through when she split with her rescue. I desperately need to move some of our cats with rescue. We will drive them. I am taking Marci and Phoenix to sanctuary in CA. I can't always drive that far but I will try everything I can to get these darlings out.
I buy all the food for our cat room. The cats are immunized for panleuk, rhino, calici and chlamydia. We can FeLV/FIV test before transport. Some have been advanced speutered as the result of begging for funds from local businesses.
We work hard to keep everyone healthy. There are cats in an unheated structure outside currently and they will most likely be put down as the temperature drops. There are 10 kittens under six months outside(some long hair), 3 beautiful cats that are six months to a year and six adults. Kanga is on petfinder. She is one of the outside cats. So are Dash and Chatter(they were frightened when they came in but let me hold them now). Garfield and Heathcliff and Bruce Wayne and the Sisco Kid and Mirabella. All outside. Bailey is a beautiful baby. Sophie and Leila and all the "A" kittens would be candidates for euth because they haven't been altered. If you want us to convey the ones that are already speutered, it will save the lives of the new ones. All outside.

please contact us if you can rescue


email me if you want or pm.

I will try to stop along the way on my trip to CA and check emails.

or email the shelter with the link below the pets pic on petfinder

since I was gone, they have made a euth list and are planning to put these babies down next week. they won't talk to me about it for fear they might "upset" me. how could I be any more upset. I've givent these cats all I can and no one wants them.


We have some transport available to the New England area that adds a small charge per cat. We really need a rescue to respond so we can arrange a transport.

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Beautiful cats!!

Here's Shelby. He's gorgeous

Bruce Wayne


Posted Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:16 pm:

Mirabella. It would be a shame if she were euth'd

Posted Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:17 pm:

Here's Garfield

Posted Fri Nov 25, 2005 4:20 pm:

Kanga is gorgeous
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Sadly, they are all gorgeous and stories such as these play out every day in shelters across the country. The bottom line is more education is needed for people to spay and neuter. Vets need to drop their prices on spays and neuters as a collective effort right before kitten season. Many cats, and kittens not only die in shelters, but in the woods, or in the streets victims of unspeakable terrors or heartache. It truly has to stop.

Most of us rescue in our immediate area. I have two new rescues upstairs right now that are so feral they are running laps on my ceiling and climbing the cat door trying to get out. They are nine months old and were found in the woods starving to death)
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Very sad! The cats are lucky to have someone like you who truly cares about each little life. I hope you are able to find more homes for the adorable kitties.
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our cats are $45 to adopt one, $65 to adopt two and $90 to adopt three. This includes speuter, worming, flea treatment, rabies and combo shot. FeLV/FIV testing is $10 additional per cat. please email dwhite@aggressiveonline.net for more information. Thanks

all but two cats in the shelter are very tame and get along well with other cats and dogs.
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They have reduced the adoption fee to $40 for one and $60 for two.

This will continue through Jan 2. Please check out our kitties at

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How very heartwrenching! I stopped at my local dog shelter, which has a high kill rate. I was almost in tears by the time I left, seeing each precious, unwanted life. Dogs and cats who were surely loved at one time, but somehow the love died, and now they have little chance of adoption. Who wants a big barking dog? They looked quite scary to me, and I love big dogs. Yet the three or four I asked, would sit for me, and one even held up his paw to shake hands. As I said, someone loved them once, and now they are homeless and hopeless.

I don't think I will go back. I cannot and will not bring a large adult dog into my home with my kids and cats, and it is too painful to see those faces, both beautiful and ugly, who want only a warm bed and a meal each day.

I don't know how you do it, BCOO, but that was the only thing that kept me from screaming while I was at the shelter. I know at least some of the employees are there for the love of the animals. Thank you for caring, and I pray you stay strong and know that while you cannot save them all, you are saving some.
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it is not that hard to volunteer. would you rather they spend their time at the shelter with no hand that has the time to touch them, no person that has time to step in their run and calm them, no hugs, no treats, no one to quiet their barking when people like you come to visit. I always suggest that we walk through and visitors write down the name of the dogs they are interested in. Most any dog acts much different when they are around 50 other dogs than when they are alone with people. After we have walked past them all, I bring the ones they are interested in to the office one at a time for them to meet. They are always amazed at how quiet they are in the office. If they want to see more of a particular dog we often go up the street to the local park to get the dog completely away from the shelter setting. We can do visits at home, too and sometimes we foster to adopt. I take dogs to adoption events and make notes on how they act with kids, shopping carts, older people, other pets going past and more. This info helps them get adopted. No matter how much I think I have learned about shelter pets there is always more to find out. I just took Marlon, a yellow lab mix that was going to be put down because he was considered too nervous and unadoptable, with me to California when I took our special needs cats out there to a sanctuary. I was totally blown away by how easy it was to travel with these three. Marlon never peed inside, slept in the floor between the two beds the first night in the motel(arkansas) and on the bed with me the second night(new mexico). Both cats were very quiet when travelling and loved playing in the motel rooms at night. They didn't seem to be stressed by the trip. Phoenix didn't want to make friends with Marlon but she didn't antagonize him either. Marci thought Marlon was the best toy in the world and he didn't seem to mind although he looked a little amazed. These were animals that had lived in a crowded shelter for months! We had no history on any of them but they were awesome. Marlon was adopted by a man in Colorado who has nothing but great things to say about him.
All this from a shelter pet!
There are small dogs at shelters. They are often adopted/fostered before the bigger ones. We are full on dogs and cats. Please consider adopting from us or tell others you know about us.

here is my latest plea for our animals.
I have posted before with pleas to rescue our cats. We are currently full on dogs and face the prospect of having to euthanize for only the third time this year. No one wants to PTS at Christmas. We have only one empty dog run and our fosters are full. Please consider pulling dogs from our shelter. We work regularly with several rescues and they are doing all they can to move our dogs they had previously taken so they can save others from being put down. We have had so many intakes.
we are the grayson county humane society
please see our home page if you are interested in adopting as we have received a donation from an estate but it was guided with restricitions on how it could be used. They wanted to donate only to reduce dog adoption fees by $50 for the next 30 dogs.

We are also still full on cats even though some were sent to barns. Our shelter was designed with one small room for cats and it is filled with 23 cages. We have 43 cats in the cat room.

Our cat adoptions have been reduced by $5 during our home for the holidays period. They are $40 for one cat and $60 for two.

I will post pics as I can.

Our longest term residents will be the ones that are considered for euthanasia first. There is nothing wrong with them other than they don't have the look that most rescues want.

Trapper, Sandy(puppies went to rescue but she was left behind), Chelsea, Dodger, Spalding, Jodi(so beautiful), Buttterbean, Chuck, Rajah, Peking and more have been waiting there a very long time.

please feel free to call, email, pm.
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Bless you for your heroic efforts! I am praying that people's hearts are moved by your words, and that help in many forms comes soon for these precious lives. I'm sending all the {{{prayers and vibes}}} of TCS Board Magic that I can! Hugs, Susan
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crosspost our information to anyone who might be looking for a cat or dog.

I will be taking Fritz to his new home in OH next Friday and will be travelling to South Carolina with a few going to rescue. If you want to adopt please email the shelter or call


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Wow, you do go to GREAT LENGTHS to save those deserving pets - from OH, and CA, to SC! Although I can't go with you in person, I am with you in spirit.
I salute you for your valiant efforts
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Tell everyone you know to consider our kitties. They need to live. I don't want to stand and pick who isn't going to make it.......
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