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Bottled Water vs tap water

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I am glancing at all the different brands of bottled water. The most expensive are Aquafina and Dinzia or something like it. And I am wondering how do they purify the water? Don't you just have to boil it? I bought myself a Brita and its better and less expensive than the bottled water. So why are they expensive? Its water not milk.
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Why is it expensive? Because people will pay for it. There's also the storebrand water in plastic jugs for about 50 cents, or you can fill your own for 25 cents. It's just like with cheese. They sell the same exact cheese at 3 prices in 3 areas at most stores. It is cheapest in the cheese section, a little more at the deli, and more in the gourmet/easy foods section.

Our tap water is delicious, and I pay for that already in my water bill. I don't buy water at the store, but if my tap water was bad, I would buy the store brand.
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We get our water report every year for the town we live in. It says the water is fine, so I use it to cook with and make things like Iced Tea, or lemonade. BUT, since I don't think it tastes "pure" when I drink it plain , I invested in a brita filter and I love it. I just keep the jug full at all times for when I want a glass of water.
I would not waste my money on bottled water, I've seen many reports that its little more than filtered tap water, not really "mountain spring" water.

Also Nena10, to purify water, boiling it is really not all that is involved. That will kill any organisms such as bacteria, but it has no effect if your water has minerals like copper or lead. In fact, it intensifies it. The only pure water from boiling is the "steam", which is called distilled water, but its difficult to trap and transform back to "water"....so a filter is definitly your best bet.
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dtolle where in Mass(I'm assuming that's what MA stands for) do you live? I live in Mass too and get reports on our water I was just wondering if you live nearby.
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I am on Cape Cod.
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Hey me too whadda you know? Falmouth to be exsact and after I read these posts I went and ordered a pur filter for the fridge. I guess I'm easily influenced.
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I find the tap water around here is very chlorinated. It tastes bad and even to shower in, it smells like pool water. In fact my skin is very dry and I think part of it's the water. So I use it for cooking and Kool-Aid and tea, but if I want a drink of water, I buy it bottled. If I ever have a house, I'll buy a filter but it's not worth it for an apartment.

Oh, and I have a preference for Deja Blue. You'd think it all tastes the same, but I guess not.
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they also sell pitchers with the filter in it. It's really saved me lots of money on bottled water. I think it was around $30 or something, but I got the big one. They had smaller ones that were cheaper if you don't need something so big.
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Oh, well that's worth looking into. That could easily come with me when we move (which I'm sure we'll do in a while).
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We have a cooler & get our R/O water from Water 'N Ice ... Do you have one of those around? They are fairly cheap, and the water is good! It cost us about $1.25 to fill up a 5 gallon jug. We have 4, and they last us quite a while, too!
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Yeah, well, chalk up another sucker here...I love Aquafina water.

Even though our tap water tastes fine ( we have our own well, not a town water supply) I prefer to drink the bottled water. It costs me about a dollar a bottle, which isn't cheap really. I usually drink my own water when I'm hanging around the house, but when I'm out at the gym or something I buy a bottle. I can actually taste the difference between brands- oh yes..I'm a real H20 connosieur (however the heck you spell that)

I do have a Brita filter, but I only use it to filter my tap water when I change my Betta bowls.
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Hey Bad Habit, you are in Falmouth??????? NO WAY! Thats where my husband works! LOL What a small world!! Too funny!!
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I am very careful about our water ever since on town in Ontario had a nasty outbreak of E Coli that made a whole town sick and killed many people. There was horrible management at their water plant & they had to survive on boiled and bottle water for months. Any rural area you have to be careful with because you can have run off from farms entering into your water system (that is what happened here). I personally drink Brita filtered water at home and bottled water at work because after last summer's fiasco I don't trust our province's water management.
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When I was with my exhusband, we ordered a water softner. I really don't find it convenient because we had to buy bgs of salt to put in the big barrel that was connected to our water. It did make the water taste better and when I took a shower, it softens my skin. Our clothes looked cleaner. But its not worth buying salt all the time. I forgot what the company was called.
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I grew up drinking tap water, so I'm pretty used to it. Since I've met my husband though, I've become spoiled. He only drinks bottled water and we also have a Brita water filter...it is great and thats the water that my kitties get.
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