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Help! Midnight Meowing!

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I have two cats. One sleeps with us all night (I think this is part of the problem). The other one has started meowing in the middle of the night. Continuously. And Loud. He will sit in front of the door to the baby's room (which is closed) and just cry and cry. He knows we're not in there.

I think he's lonely or bored. We can't keep the other cat out of the bedroom because the door has to stay open so they can both get to the litter box.

My husband is threatening to kill him! (I know he wouldn't, but this is how bad it is.)

We've tried ignoring it, and he just goes and goes. How do I stop this?
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If this is sudden behavior for no reason get him to the vet to be sure he is healthy. That is the first thing. Perhaps he is trying to tell you that he doesn't feel good. Tell your husband it is not nice to even joke about killing a cat. They act how they do out of instinct or because they are stressed or they don't feel good. They do not go out of their way to annoy the people they are bonded to.
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Thanks Hissy. I don't think he's sick because once I get up he's perfectly content and wants to be petted. But if it continues, I will have him checked.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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sometimes my cats do that n i know that can be very annoying... i can understand ur husband's part... perhaps what u can do is that confine both of ur cats in a room?

u can even play with them for like 5-10mins, 30 mins b4 u guys go to bed n after the active playtime, give them a small supper... hopefully by this, they wud tired, with a lil full stomach, they wud eventually go to sleep.

hope this info helps...
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Our Toby is a "LOUD-middle-of-the-night-yowler'.....has been since he was a kitten.(And although we love him dearly, I have to admit that he does NOT have a very pleasant yowl...esp at 2:00am and right in your ear!)
We asked the vet if this was normal, and he said that some cats just want to be up at night and want your company...especially with Toby being such a high energy cat, he thought he was probably bored and could find no health problems.
We are getting older and have to get up at 5:00am...so we need our sleep....so we started putting Toby and Tedy in the large bath-laundry room when we went to bed. They have a litter closet at one end, food and water at the other end and set of kitty bunk beds in the middle. The first few nights Toby protested, and we put a box fan in our room to help cover the noise so we could sleep. After that he just stopped.
They both seem to have adjusted just fine...and in fact, if we are up too much later than usual we`ll often find one or both of the "boys" already in thier beds asleep.
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Please don't assume your cat is healthy just because he's pleased when you get up -- cats go to great lengths to conceal illness, and you really do need to be sure he's okay.

But if he does turn out to be in good health... is there something in the baby's room he really likes? The baby, perhaps? :-) Or maybe the smells of baby stuff attract him. Is he allowed in that room during the day, but shut out at night?

And one final thought... some people will laugh at me, but... cats are so sensitive to spirits. Could a grandma or some other lost loved one be watching over the baby?
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I'm not going to laugh. I believe in spirits too. But I think that if he is in good health and yowls at the babies room it may be because he is worried because he can't protect the baby. Cats are very protective of their young and if he has adapted well to the baby, he'll consider it part of the pack he has to protect.
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Thanks everyone! I never thought that he might be trying to protect the baby. Since he is allowed in her room during the day, you may be right. As for spirits, you won't hear any laughter from me. I certainly hope that some of my beloved relatives that have passed on are looking out for my daughter!

We may have to resort to locking them up. I'll see how things go. and if it keeps up for another day or two, I'll definitely take him to the vet.
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I sympathize completely. You may wish to check the responses in this thread I started on the same topic:

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