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Another Try On Kaliey

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I don't know why it's not taking.
This is A ink sent to me from Photo pocket drectaly
I hope it works for you.
If not I have to figer somthing out.
Butr let me know I'm goning to bed for the night so I won't check
agan befor morning.
If it dosen't work I will post A yahoo photos link that should work.
Sorry for the mess up.
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Peggy, that link doesn't work for anyone other than you. So I've edited to remove your surname (for privacy).

I think if you want to just post a link to your pics like that, you need to enable sharing on the Photobucket site. That will require that you change your account options to allow visitors.

A simpler way would be to copy the third set of code -- the one marked IMG -- under each of your images on Photobucket, and paste it into your message.

If your images are large, you could select the ones you want to show, go to the bottom of the page, and click on "Generate HTML and IMG code". This will give you another page on which you will find in the third box "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended". Highlight all the code within that box, copy it and paste it into your message here. That will give you thumbnails in your post, which others can click on to view the larger image. Hope that's helpful. I'd love to see your babies.
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I hope the information I sent you was helpful, Peggy. Please do let me know if I may help you in anyway. We all want to meet beautiful Kaliey!
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