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I have a 6 month old kitten that likes to stick her paw in a drinking glass and topple it, and it's contents, all over the floor. Are there any suggestions on how to get her to stop this? I have tried saying NO!, clapping, but nothing works. Also, she likes to "fling" her food around the floor before eating it. I thought this was cute at first, but now she's making a huge mess. Any tips?
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Yep, been there done that. Many many times.

Can't leave water sitting around. Otherwise just be patient, she'll tire of it soon enough.
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Yup -- anything unattended is fair game. I drink Ozarka water and replace the lid between sips... or you could use a travel mug that closes, or a glass with a plastic lid.

About the food flinging... she may be practicing her hunting skills -- killing her prey before she eats it! :-) In time, she'll realize her hunting instincts aren't needed, since she has a loving owner to feed her, and she'll probably settle down a bit.

Kittens! So much trouble, but oh, so much FUN!
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sounds like a typical kitten behaviour.... what u can do is that not to put cup / glass with beverage where u kitten able to access. or u can get those cup / mug with lids...

as for flinging the food... u can try to use a bowl n feed him...
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