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How I like to wake up in the mornings.

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I love to wake up and find Bitsy under the covers by my legs, Spock under my right arm, and Blossom under my left hand. When they notice I am awake, they start purring.
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sounds like the kitties are warm and probly like to wake up like that also

my kallie just crawls underneath the blanket and cuddles between me and my fiance
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Zoe likes to jump up on the bed and lick my boyfriend's armpit. She stays away from me because meowmy is grumpier in the morning than daddy. lol
Although she will sit next to the bed and once she sees me open my eyes, she will put her front paws up on the edge and look me right in the eye and "Mrrrr" at me.
Miss Kitty doesn't wake us up...she is the good child. hehe
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My very favorite way to awake is the way my girls have recently begun sleeping, Sierra across my neck and Serenity at my stomach or on my hip!

Sierra wakes me by sitting under my neck gently touching my face, one paw at a time. When Serenity decides it's time to eat or play, she'll wake me up running wildly all over the bed and all over me, playing with my hands, with a toy in my she shouts "Mommy, get up!"

My sweet babies!
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Ahh I can't sleep with cats! Well every now and then I can but not every night or In't get to sleep because of the itchy eyes and runny nose.
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Y'know, I hadn't really thought of this before -- but since I've had my kitties, I can't remember a day when I didn't wake up with a smile. I used to dread mornings... but now I wake up to sleepy Pearl's warm weight on my chest and Clyde's purry little kisses on my nose, and my heart just overflows.

Oh, I wish there were some way to be sure our kitties know how much they mean to us!
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I love wakin up since we got Sleeves. But I hate getting out of bed because it means all the cuddles have to stop...
He lies on back, or my hip or my tummy, depends on how Im lying in bed. He likes to wake Mark up with a few huge licks to the face (just glad he doesnt do it to me...)
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Nothing beats waking up with a warm kitty snuggled up to you.
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There IS a way to let them know how much we love them . GET UP and feed them.
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Hmmmm...I wake up to a kitty biting my nose!!! Or licking inside my ear!!!

Silly 10 week old kitty!!!
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I once had a cat who would get on the bed and lick my lips when he wanted me to get up and feed him.
Molly and megan don't sleep with us, but Peekaboo does. If she has to "go," she sits on the bed and barks until one of us gets up and takes her out. She's got our number, I tell ya!
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Try fourteen cats on your bed- you can't even move!
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Fourteen???!!! If I have three of my five in bed with me, I'm completely immobilized. . .

but I luuuurv it!!
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As soon as the alarm goes off, or the cats know I'm awake (whichever comes first), Katie sits up and begins the staring game. Peter comes and stands on me and sticks his nose in my eyes, while purring very loudly. Gracie licks and/or nips on my ears and paws at the covers to get me up.
Claire hasn't started sleeping with us yet, but I hope she does soon!
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There is no better feeling in the world than to wake up and find warm soft purring little kitties all over you. I love sleeping with my two.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Nothing beats waking up with a warm kitty snuggled up to you.
A B S O L U T E L Y !!!......
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It's a very sweet way to wake up...every morning I used to wake up grumpy and annoyed because I had to get out of my warm comfy bed and go to work. But now, every morning I wake up and there is Sunday, as close as possible, soft sweet thing, and little Sashka in a tiny ball at my feet. I can't move without touching one of them, and there's no possible way to stay cranky when you've got your hand buried in wonderful soft kitty fur and you get a morning head butt of love....awwww....
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I just remembered another cute story that ties in with this thread.
I used to have a little black kitty named Sonya. One morning I woke up from sleeping on my back, and Sonya was sitting on my face with her front paws on my chin, her hind legs on either side of my nose, and her tail right between my eyes. I laid there for several minutes wishing someone were there with a camera; that would have been a hilarious pic!
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I'm jealous. Sounds like everyone gets such a nice wakeup call. Hmmm...not me. I've got 4 who sleep with me all night, but by early morning they vacate the bed and leave one behind in charge to wake me up. My little brown sweet tabby who's kind method of waking grandma (yes grandma - my kids are only 14 and 11, but two of the babies are their's and I've been told kindly that I"m not the mom) - anyways - little Peanut will sit herself on my chest and very gently bite the tip of my nose! This is my wakeup call! There is no licking or nudging...just high pitched purring and a series of nibbles on my nose.
Consider yourself all lucky....
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