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Let's Hula!

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I have some left over hula skirts, which the kids left laying on the floor. The cats absolutely LOVE them, especially Garfield. They play with toys in the dried grass, and sleep in a little nest in the middle. They are having a grand time.

I even put one in the kitten's cage and she seems to like it.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby, over in the party decoration area. They have various sizes, and we got extra large ones for the same price as large. They make a bit of a mess, as strands of dried grass pull off, but well worth it for the fun. You could even put one in a laundry basket to help lessen the mess. I got the real dried grass ones, not the bright green plastic. They have a little crunchy noise when the kits roll around in them.

Has anyone else tried hula skirts with their kitties?
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What I want to know is why you have leftover hula skirts -- not just hula skirts, mind you, but LEFTOVER hula skirts -- in Illinois in winter! :-D
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Bwa-ha-ha! Honestly, they are from this summer when we had to make a Tiki hut for vacation bible school at church. They were the grass roof of the Tiki hut! So, leading my typical exciting life, they have gone from a Tiki hut roof to a cat toy! Long story short-I have leftover hula skirts! LOL!

The kitties really love them though. Well worth a trip to Hobby Lobby!
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Well, allllllrighty then! I'll go get some for my kitties... and one for myself, too! I've always wanted an excuse to own a hula skirt... might inspire a whole new exercise program for me!

(Now THERE's a disturbing visual...)
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