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Looking for a good cat repellant...

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..for Lily. I want cat repellant to spray everywhere so she won't be jumping. It is going to be used in the house, so I am hoping to find something that won't stink too bad to people. I want to use it on the couch, wood kitchen chairs, upholstered piano bench, counters, etc. I don't think mom & dad want the couch to stink forever!

Anyone got any suggestions? Anything you used & loved?
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You might try citrus-scented Febreze upholstery deodorizer. Most cats detest citrus. However, the deterrence will be temporary. And be sure to keep your cats away when you spray it and give it time to dry before they're allowed back in to the room. You don't want them to breath the mist in the air or get the wet product on their paws.
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Do you have any places that the cat is allowed to jump? Cats like to climb so while you are trying to prevent the kitty from jumping so much it might be a good idea to invest in a cat tree to keep him happy
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I think a cute little bed like Dori is laying on in Squirtle's siggy might help, too. Once she gets in the habit of laying where you want her too, she will probably keep doing so.

But our cats go EVERYWHERE! They jump on the back of the couch to get a good look out the window. They shredded my old window shades by spending time between the shade and window having wrestling matches! Now we have blinds. They can peek behind them without causing damage. But I usually lift at least one so they can look outside easily.

Basically, cats are so different than dogs. They tend to do their own thing, so good luck training yours to stay off so many things!
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I have to say, I really doubt a repellent will work long-term. In fact, I think it's a rare cat who can be persuaded to stay off ANY surface -- the best I've ever been able to do is get them not to jump up there while I'm actually WATCHING. :-)

There are those who swear it can be done... but I think it's easier (and better, emotionally) to kittyproof the house, avoid placing food or utensils directly on the kitchen counter, and let the kitties be kitties.

Whatever you decide, good luck!
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Um - is there anywhere in the house the cat is allowed? Cats jumping on things is part of being a cat owner - fair enough some places like the counter-tops and stuff but it's going to be VERY hard to keep your kitty off the lounges and chairs. They like being up high - it makes them feel safe, amongst other things - but they don't like citrus scents so you could try that on the benches etc...
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I have finally given Zoey free range of all hts in the house... I realized why should I go against nature
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Honestly, you can't keep them off everything. Are there places that are definitely off limits? Kitchen counters, etc. Focus your time there. For kitchen counters, silverware works well. Put it at the edge, when the cat jumps up, it all clatters to the floor. Since they hate the noise, it teaches them not to do it.
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The only reason I ask is because Lily has bad knees. If I can keep her from jumping, then maybe she won't have to have surgery in the future. I doubt it will work, but I want to try everything to prevent surgery. We have several benches & doll bunk beds that the cats are allowed on(they are the perfect height for lily to jump on, not too high). Twitch is on the kitchen counters so she can see the dogs when they are outside. She has fleece & baskets on the dining room table to be comfortable when she sleeps there. I don't care what furniture the cats are on as longas they stay out of my food.

I like the Febreze suggestions, but I found out the hard way Twitch has a hard time with it. She gets itchy & wheezy. The vet confirmed an allegic reaction to it.

I have been looking into short cat trees(an acceptable height to jump for Lily). Now all I have to do is deicde on one. It is harder than I thought. I want one both will love, but I haven't found "the one" yet. I am actually looking at them right now.
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Oh, that sounds much nicer than the first post! LOL! I would try some kitty ladders to help her get up and down safely. Maybe a ramp with carpeting to get to the couch, etc.
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