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Avalon, my alter ego

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I first met Avalon on the day I had decided to buy a tortie and white persian. She had already been reserved, but the owner of the shop showed me five tiny week old supposedly Norwegian Forest cats. I fell in love with her at first sight. She held on to my thumb with her tiny paws and tried to suck it.

I went every day to see my baby. When she was a month old, they put her into a bigger cage. I would go and visit and she would hit her siblings so that I couldn't pet them. I was her human and she was a very jealous kitty.

When I took her home I felt so happy. I spent three days just following her around the house, taking photos and watching her. She was very quiet little kitty, and although Nyan and Popoki appeared in her life, she wanted nothing to do with them. She only wanted to be with me. She wouldn't even let the others stay on my lap if I was at the computer. If she came the others had to go. She slept at my side when it was hot, and under the duvet with me if it was cold.

One day she stopped eating. I tried everything, baby food, tuna, special food. I was at my wits end. My b/f had gone to Barcelona to find work, but was having no luck. I had absolutley no money at all, and none of my vets were willing to see her without the money, though I offered to work free all the necessary time.

Finally somebody lent me the money, but it was too late.

I took Babi (as I called her) to the vet on a wednesday morning. When I left her she looked at me accusingly, we had never been seperated before. When I left that afternoon after going to see her, she was so depressed. She just lay down and ignored me. She was angry with me for leaving her there. Now I know I should have taken her home with me. I trsuted the vet. to get her well. He couldn't. And she felt abandoned and decided to give up.

She died the next day at midday. She had a rare type of anemia that causes the defenses to attack the red globules and destroys them. The next day, April fools day, would have been her first birthday.

Don't get me wrong. I miss Pokemon and Cacharro and all the babies that are might-have-beens. But I never have had a cat and never will have like my Babi.

I miss you darling. Wait patiently and take care of all the babies that come your way, though I know you only want me. I miss you my Babi, and wish you were still here with me. I love you my silly little doormat...
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I hurt with you.
R.I.P Avalon, you sweet- you.
And watch down on meowmy.
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I am so sorry for your loss, It just breaks my heart
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I'm very sorry for your loss.
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I'm so very sorry Thats so sad
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Oh, it is difficult to lose any pet, but Babi was just a baby, wasn't she? I'm glad she found you to love her during her short lifetime. And I am very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, Avalon, over the rainbow bridge.
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condolences on your loss of Babi (Avalon). Each cat is so special, and you were indeed Babi's special person to her. She crosses Rainbow Bridge knowing that she was loved and cared for, and someday you will be with her again. Till then, my thoughts & prayers join the Candle that DawnofSierra (Stephanie) has lit for you! Hugs, Susan
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Thank you all. I love all my cats, so much it has cost me many things in life, but they are always worth it.

But Babi was special, we had an empathy I've had with no other cat, with no other being. We knew what we were thinking, we knew what we were feeling. I miss Pokemon and Cacharro and the babies that were might-have-beens. But I've managed to cope with their loss. I haven't been able to get over Babi, and I think I never will. I miss her every day, and sometimes, I'm still looking for her, and think I have to take new photos. It's been hard.

Thank you all for reading. I felt I needed to share it.

And thank-you specially Stephanie for the candle, it made me feel better
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Awww poor Avalon She is at peace now. RIP sweet Babi
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R.I.P little one.
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RIP Avalon
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