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My new obessions ...

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Shoes! Boots specifically and dresses.

The boots I got on ebay are calf height slouchy boots with a small heel - I later found out it is called "kitten" heel - how appropriate! This is the first pair of "expensive" shoes I have had - and the only pair of heels that feel comfortable to walk in. I love these shoes! So far I have gotten them in 3 colors and a 4 is on order. If I can find them in any other color - I am getting them too.

I have also been trying to find my "style" I finally decided that no - I am never going to be thin - so no need to wait to get the nice "good" clothes until then. I have looked high and low - and took a chance on a dress - all tonal that has embroidery - it is long so the boots look great with it. I got so many compliments and I just felt good! ... I have now purchased (ebay of course) 5 other dresses. I have decided that this is my new style... bohemiam / goth (don't understand that one) and also known as "hippy".

This is coming from a gal who hasn't worn a dress in quite a few years. I feel good! Next is makeup - I am trying to talk someone in at work into arranging me a makeover.

Shop shop shop! I am happy - hubby just dosen't want to know the cost. but hey - I am shopping eBay so prices are good. Plus - I don't think I could find the styles I like at a local shop.
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Good for you Tracey! Finding the right style and clothes that compliment your figure (no matter what type of figure that is) will always make you feel good.
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Sounds like you are having fun Tracey! Get all dolled up and then make Hubby take you out!!!!
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I am proud of you.
YOu go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a bummer we don't live in the same city, because I have a free voucher for a very expensive makeover - and at my age what do I want one of them for? I won it for what I was wearing at my formal.

WTG Trace!
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its always great when you find "your style" that fits you WTG im still looking for mine
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Boots are always good. I own 5 pairs of Western boots and will undoubtedly buy more, in the future. I got my first pair, at the age of 5.

If you're looking for clothes that suit the fuller figure, check catalogs like Roaman's, Chadwick's and Newport News. I buy quite bit from them and they're reasonably priced.

Newport News has some of the best-fitting jeans, that I've ever worn and they come in lots of colors, too. I'm hippy, with long legs and sometimes have trouble finding jeans, that fit well.
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YAY EBAY!!!..hmm well if you were here I would do a make over for you used to do them for friends all the time. with makeup my moto is always less is more.
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Hippy aka "granola wear" (that's what my niece called the style when she was in college!!!
I'm still a preppy-but once in a while I do stray to something different!!!
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