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Cat pulling out hair

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Hi Noodles...I was so glad to see your message posted as my siamese, Grace, is doing the same thing! I did not notice at first b/c she has always been a little bald on her belly since we got her fixed...but one day ...about 2 months ago, as she stretched out on the carpet, I could not believe it! She had no hair in the middle of her belly and she had symmetrically chewed oval spots off the underside of her front and back paws...we took her to the Vet...no fleas, ringworm, she is perfectly healthy (well..as healthy as one can be when one is chewing oneself bald!!!)...we were told maybe a food allergy or stress...so we have tried the food option first ...she eats Hills Prescription Diet Feline ZD food now...she seems to be growing back the fur and chewing less on herself...but...then again, we were told that she would probably grow out of this...and that chances were good it would return at some other time in her life...so to me, it sounded a lot like stress more than anything else. Grace is 6 years old and we have had her since she was a kitten (6 months). Since we have had her, she has always exhibited strange behaviors..."leaving her mark" on things...eating strange things (buttons, etc) running through the house as if she were "hearing voices'...she is such a great baby though...and she has the neatest personality...which is why we opted NOT to try anything like "kitty Prozac'...well..at least for now...do not want to risk any damage to her if she continues to chew at her fur, so we may resort to "calming her down"....were you told anything like that when you took Bitty to the vet (about a 'calming' medicine or ointment to rub in her ear)????? How is Bitty doing?

QUOTE=noodles]Hi all this my first message. I am so happy to see tha there are others who feel the same way I do about their fur people. My cat Bitty has always been an inside cat. Me and bitty are verry close. I hand raised her and her brother Iddy. Bitty is now 4 years old. Bitty was fixed when she was about six months old. I noticed that after she was fixed she never grew back the furr on her belly. This did not concern me because she did not seem uncomfertable or botherd by it. Well recently for about a month or so I have noticed that the area is getting bigger and she is constanly likking herself.Not just her belly either but everywhere. She has bald spots on her legs, feet, tail, front and back, small and large. My Bitty has always been VERY needy for love and allways wants to be held and hugged yes I said hugged! The tighter the better. She follows me everywhere and cries for me whenever I come into the room. Her skin dose not show any signs of discomfert ie:redness, scaling, dandruff, nothing she is just going bald! My poor baby can anyone help me![/quote]
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Uhh this is a post from 2003!
I don't think this person has even posted in 2 years!
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Thankx for the info Jen...it was past midnight when I wrote(our time)...I did notice the "join" date but did not read carefully that it was her first (an apparently last...) post! And...you never know...maybe someday she will look back on the site...just out of curiosity...
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I split the thread so the older thread would go back into place in the history of the board
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