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Kitten bored with scratching post-preferring furniture

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Kitten 14 weeks and first cat. I have a scratching post and a round thing on the floor that has cardboard in the middle with a ball that goes around it--I'm sure you've seen them. In the beginning when she tried to scratch the furniture I'd just move her to either one, she preferred the floor thing and she immediately starting using these instead of the furniture. I thought, that sure was easy, but I spoke too soon because now she doesn't want to use either and when I move her there she doesn't even scratch. What gives?? She knows when I start to approach her when she's scratching that I'm going to move her so she runs away. I even put some catnip on the floor thing and that didn't work--what's my next move? Thanks for any input.
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You actually have several options. There are inexpensive cardboard scratchers that lay flat on the floor that you can place next to the furniture that she is scratching. You can spray your furniture with citrus smelling air fresheners- cats will stay away from anything citrus smelling. Your best bet is to invest in a natural wood cat tree or cat post. Most people get kitty a nice carpet covered scratching post and then expect kitty to understand that soft covered objects such as furniture and carpeted floors are off limits. Buying kitty one made of natural wood will not only keep her claws blunt, but she will perfer to scratch the wood instead of the soft stuff.
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Cats just like humans get bored and when they've been playing with the same thing day in and day out they're going to get a little tired of it.
My cats little hidaways so I went out and bought them a kitty tent. At first they loved it. They fought over who got to sit in it and when one took too long laying in it they'd cave it in by sitting on it. This went on for a couple weeks then they stopped using it. Even when I'd put cat nip in it they'd give me this look like I've had my fun with this thing now buy me something else. So I went out and bought them a crinkle sack. (A little cloth bag that crinkles like a plastic bag). Once again they all swarmmed to it, fighting over who'd get to lay in it. I knew they'd get bored with it again so this time after they had it for a couple days I took it away and introduced a plain old cardboard box.
The cycle started again and now I switch their stuff around so when they gets something back, like their kitty tent they act as if I just bought them something new.
Give it a try with your baby and see how it goes. It may just be a simple case of boredom. This also works great for toys too!
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Thanks BadHabit, that's a great idea. I actually do put some of her toys away and then take them out later. I didn't even think about it for her scratching post. Back to the pet store I go -- thanks again!
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I have found that Sisal scratching posts work really well. My two cats destroy one about every 2 years. When I couldn't find one I liked, I made my own, out of a large PVC pipe and wrapped it with sisal rope. Now, when they end up cutting through the rope, I just re-wrap with new rope.

Also, my mother-in-law has 4 indoor cats. They had a post, but would use the furniture as well, until she bought about 5 or 6 different clawing stations and placed them all over the house.
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Your cat's getting bored. I always keep plenty of toy mice scattered about, for her to bat around, plus many perches near windows, things to sleep on/under, etc. My cat wasn't interested in those cardboard scratch pads and small posts. She like something heavy that she can really push into and dig those babies in there!

In the beginning, she used to soft-paw the edges of the couch, but I put some clear packing tape along the corners for about a month, and that seemed to make her stop. She hasn't done that since, and the tape's been off for two years. My furniture is unscathed and looks new, except for all the cat hair, which seems to appear out of nowhere.
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