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3 cats, #2 and #3 hate each other

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We adopted a feral male last year into a house with 1 male (6 yrs) and 1 female (4 yrs). All are now fixed. #2 female came into the house originally with the #1 male and after 6 months they became tolerant of each other. Last year with the addition of the 2nd male has been traumatic for her. He is more aggressive in personality than she is. We had hoped after 6 months she was start to tolerate him. We knew she would be OK with #1 when he walked by and she swatted his butt! This has not happened with the other. Over the past 3 months it has gotten worse. We're on month 14 right now! She now lives in fear of him, does not come out except when she knows he is outside. He senses her fear and has started attacking her more, which makes her more scared, which he senses and he attacks....see where this leads us. She started peeing when they fight and now pees and poops in the tub since out bedroom is where she spends the most time and feels safest. We're afraid they won't ever get along and we're trying to find someone to adopt her, since we feel she really prefers to be the lone cat. She has a chronic sinus condition and haven't gotten any interest in a sneezy/snotty cat.

I'm wondering if there is anything we can do? I read a posting about bringing a new cat into the house and wonder if we separate them 24 hours a day they might forget each other and then we can start over?? Don't they have short memories? We have recently started keeping him in another room at night, but she hasn't clued in that she is safe at night. Any thoughts? We really want to keep all three.
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Don't know about the short memories. TyTy has gone a week without seeing his doggie pal and he wasn't scared when the dog came back! He was happy.

Have you tried giving them treats while they are in the same room? You need to make both cats think of each other as good things. How about getting a cat carrier, putting one cat in the carrier and leaving one outside of it (switch it up) and ONLY feed them when they are in sight of each other. That way they will associate each other with food, which is a good thing. It might work. Just make sure that while they are eating keep one in the cat carrier so no fights break out. Don't let anymore fights happen because then they associate each other with fighting which is bad.
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They do not have a short memory, they remember anything bad that has happened to them. Sounds like you might have:

rushed the first introductions before the cats were ready
have to many cats for your home and not enough safe areas for the cats to go
the cats have to share either food bowls, litter pans or toys
the feral is alpha aggressive
your female is better off healthy and living in another home

I would recommend an excellent book by Wendy Christensen called Outwitting Cats as well as Pam Johnson Bennett's book cat-vs-cat
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