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bathroonm sink

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I just adopted a full grown, abandoned cat. She is doing great, but she will not drink out of a water bowl. She only wants to drink out of my leaky bathroom sink. How can I break her of this habbit?
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One of my cats does that, I bought a cat fountain for them and she will drink from that but if she gets into the bathroom with you she still wants the tap turned on!
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Sometimes cats with this habit prefer drinking out of a water bottle, like the kind that pet rabbits traditionally use.

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I got a cat fountain off ebay and one cat loves it. The other ignores it and demands that I leave some dirty dishes in the sink with water in it so he can drink from those! If the sink is empty, he will sit in the sink until I fill up a bowl of water and put it in the kitchen sink with him.
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I believe the reason for this is that their instincts tell them to seek out running water -- because in the wild, still water is often contaminated and unsafe, while running water is more likely to be clean.

Two of my mom's cats insist that she turn on the bathroom sink tap for them several times a day. One day, she got a phone call and forgot about it... but Dylan came and marowed at her until she remembered. There was minor flooding, but nothing serious. Dylan is such a smart cat!
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try placing a water bowl (made of clay since cats love water which is cooler) filled with water n put juz outside the bathroom (with the bathroom door closed)....
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I bought a pet dish from Walmarts for around $4. It has a place for food on one side and water on the other. There is a place to put a 20 oz pop bottle up side down in the center...and it "feeds" only into the water side. The nice thing is, the water bottle can be filled 1/2 way and frozen, then finish filling and twist onto the dish (I do this upside down, then turn it right side up when I`m at the spot I want to set it down, to avoid spilling when walking with it from the sink.) The ICE keeps the water cold for hours!!
Inside the food area is a second liner-type dish, so that you can take it out when changing either or both food and , or, water so that the food does`nt get wet. Both cats LOVE the cold water. I wash their dishes once a day(rinsing VERY well...important for cats as they are sensitive to soap ) and change the water twice a day, to keep it cold for them. Between the 2 of them I`d say they drink 2/3 of noth bottles of water in a 24 hr. period....so they really do like it cold! (The only potential prob with this bowl set up is that it is plastic, but so far we are`nt having any problems with it)
I anyone knoes of something similar to this only in metal or ceramic...please PM me with info as to where I might find one. Thanks!
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