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Help!!! My cat is missing a patch of fir

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I am hoping someone can help me. I'm freaking out. I have a 7 yeat old Maine Coon. I woke up this morning and noticed he is missing a big patch of fir on the back of his neck. My vet does not open for another hour and a half. I try to stop him from scratching because he has scratched it down to the bear skin and the patch is now bleeding. My concern is not only for him but I have another car and 2 dogs. Does anyone know what it could be and could the other animals get it as well. What do I do. I am 5 months pregnant and my husband is at work. I am almost in tears thinking about how bad this must hurt him and there is nothing I can do until the vet opens. We can not afford the ER vet. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't freak out. Did you switch foods recently? Have you given any flea meds or a new collar or flea collar? He could be having an allerigc reaction, or he could have pain in the area. Are there any lumps or bumps? You are doing the right thing by calling your vet as soon as they open. Please get him seen today.

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We have not changed his food but we did give him some flea medication about a month ago. We took him into the vet and I noticed a flea on him. I think he got it at the vets office because non of our animals have fleas. There are no bumps or lumps that I can see or feel. It just bear skin and bloody. Don't get me wrong he is not gussing blood its just in that area.
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I am far from an expert but, if they gave him the flea medication that gets put on the back of the neck, that could be what's causing it. Good Luck!
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If you can make a temporary e-collar to keep your kitty from scratching the area, that might be helpful:

Try to keep him confined in one room until your vet opens. Since we can't see the wound, it's hard to say what it is, but it could range from a skin rash to a cat bite. I would try to get an e-collar on him and then wash your hands and leave him in a room alone (bathroom maybe?) until it's time to leave for the vet. Good luck, and let us know what it is.
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It sounds like it could be an allergic reaction. I'd take him to the vet, absolutely.
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well... if u had administer the flea medication over a month ago, i dun think this is an allergy reaction. It cud b fungus. u will notice the area is bald n reddish n after a while it bald reddish area will be flaky n if this not treated, the area will eventually bleeds n also not forgetting spreading to other parts of the body....

bring him to the vet n keep us posted...
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It could be from the flea treatment. those usually go on the skin at the nap of the neck and they last about a month. Your kitty could be developing an allergy to one of the ingredients in that medication. If he is scratching that bad, til it bleeds,it is probably because it itches like all get out.
Your vet will know soon enough when you take him in....and if it is from the flea med, be sure he has written down what kind od med it was, so that you can try something different if you ever have occassion to have to use anything again for fleas.
Let us know....and try not to stress to bed....he`ll be fine til you can get him in later today.
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did you get to the vet? how did it go? how is your cat doing?
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