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Eyes changed shape

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Hi all and thanks for your advice in advance.
Just this night we noticed our 5 year old cat Cherokee’s eyes have become duller and strangely his eyes have seemed to change shape. Its hard to put our finger on it, but both his eyes have become somewhat narrower from side to side.
Has anyone else had any experience with this sort of situation before?
He does not seem bothered, and he ate his food fine, but we are very worried.
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The only suggestion I have is that if this concerns you that much - plese have your baby checked by your vet - better safe than sorry.

All the best
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That would be my suggestion too....he might not be feeling well.
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What part has changed shape? The pupil or the outer edge of the eye? Is it one eye or both? If it's the pupil, then I would consider it a potential emergency and call the 24 hour vet. If it is the outer part of the eye, check for any lumps near the eye. My cat had an abscess on his forehead, and that caused one eye to looke smaller and more pointed.
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