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Eating paper?

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Both of my cats have started eating paper. At first, I would toss it and they would just chase it. Then awhile back I noticed they started to shred it and spit the pieces out. But I've been noticing a lack of little shredded bits all over the house lately and this morning I caught Tara laying on the newspaper, chewing pieces off and eating it. And then later Drusilla ripped off a corner of a poster and was chewing it.

Are my kitties weird or do all cats do this?
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Mine lick plastic, my vet said it was because they could taste the chlorum in the white bag and they liked it. I try not to leave any bags around...
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Mellie likes to chew paper and cardboard, but she doesn't intentionally swallow it. Sometimes Tommy attacks my paper towels, but he just likes to shred them. I think you want to keep any paper printed with toxic dyes and inks or coatings out of your cat's reach. Otherwise, don't worry about it too much.
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My cat loves chewing on cardboard and ripping up tissue and paper towels. Luckily I don't keep anything with dye around the house and she never swallows it.
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Mine like to rip up everything. I suppose it's because of the sound...
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Be careful!! Newspaper ink is toxic to cats. I'm sure plain paper won't hurt them in small bits, although a lot could block up intestines. Definitely keep them away from paper with ink on it, esp. newspaper.
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newspaper (or any other papers) hv this smell which attract cat's curiosity. n pls refrain ur cats playing n even chewing papers as what MusicTeacher said.. they r toxic....
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Blaze LOVES to shred paper.The kids have to keep all of their homework up, otherwise..........Blaze eats it.You know the old "my dog ate my home work?" What about "my cat ate my home work"!!
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It could be dangerous in large amounts. Keep paper away from them.
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one of my cats is on a little kitty diet. When she gets hungry in between meals she eats paper....once we give her a little snack she stops.
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