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Party (and some shy kitties)

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We had a pre-Christmas (what do you call it in English, it's "little Christmas" in Finnish?) family party last night: My mom and her fiance, my brother and his common law wife, my sister and her boyfriend at our place. It was really nice, though my borthers girl friend and my mom got a bit too drunk (not annoyingly, rather cutely, discussing "serious" matters ) and my poor hubby felt a bit left out, since he couldn't eat or drink anything with us because he's IBD is bad right now Anyway, not a catastrophy,

But poor Tilli and Timotei, they just couldn't handle so many people, hiding in the sauna and behind the sofa most of the evening, I had no idea they were such scary pants. Usva and Milla on the other hand enjoyed getting love from 8 people at the same time, they were the stars of the evening.
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Poor Tilli and Timotei! It's funny how different cats react differently to new situations - sounds like the other two had a blast though! We don't tend to have pre-christmas parties (well, not this early unless it's a work do) in the UK - correct me if I'm wrong though folks - it's just something I've never really heard of.

Sounds liek you had a good time And hey, having parties around Christmas time is always a good excuse to get a little tipsy in the end eh?
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Let's see, I would rate my four in terms of shyness: 4 being most shy.
Skinny - 1
QT - 2
Wawa - 3
Joji - 4
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So the party cats had a good time! JC loves company, but Joey & the kittens hide. Sounds like you had a fun family event - what a nice way to welcome the holiday season! Thanks for sharing!
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Is the word you are looking for advent?

Maybe in the future, yiou can find a safe place for the kitties who do not like crowds?
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Glad you had a fun party, along with your two little stars, Usva and Milla. For your next get together, you may want to secure Tilli and Timotei in your bedroom or some other room that will not be bothered, making sure to give them plenty of fresh water, food, a litter box, their favorite toys, and things of the sort. That way, they will be able to enjoy the party as well!
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