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Cold, sick and miserable!!!

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Sorry but I need to whine!

I have a rotten headache that is making my tummy feel icky. And am freezing my butt off! I have on a long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt and sweater. Jogging pants, socks and warm slippers but am still shivering!

Our heater broke and it's like 23 degrees out side and about 50 degrees inside.The people can't be here until Thursday to check it out and give an estimate on a new heater.

We do have a couple space heaters, but unless you sit right next to them you can't really feel them.

And this headache feels like one that's going hang on for at least 3 days.

Am I am still missing my Roo so much!

On the bright side it's suppose to be a bit warmer over the next 2 days and the kitties are extra frisky in these cooler conditions.
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Oh, Diane, how awful! Please feel better soon!

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I had that about a month ago and it only lasted for a day. Take a Tylenol and Pepto with warm water and go to bed, you should feel a bit better.
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hopefully you get better soon sending warming vibes your way
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I'm sending many healing (and warming) vibes your way!
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Awww...... Diane! I'm sorry that you're feeling so sick. I wish these hugs could keep your butt from freezing.
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Well everyone'll probably yell at me for sayin' it but here's what I do when I feel like that: Fix yourself a Greyhound.

Get a big ol' glass of ice cubes, an' fill it half full of grapefruit juice, half full of vodka!

The grapefruit juice is for your cold. The vodka is for everything else.
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Oh Diane! It is absolutely freezing here too. I'm just about to go and snuggle up in bed.

Big hugs to you, my friend.
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Awwww sweetie that sounds like you've got a really bad dose of a cold there - try a hot toddy - whisky, lemon juice and a smidgin of honey with a ginger biscuit. Ginger bicuits are actually really good for settling a tummy (I used to use it all the time - and avoid dairy products for a little bit) and the hot toddy.... well the honey and lemon is supposed to go for any sore throat you might have, the whisky is supposed to take the chill off. Other than that tis good feel good factor. Long hot soak in the bath and go to bed with a hot water bottle Get well soon. Rest in peace little Roo, your mummy misses you lots, so come keep an eye on her for us
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I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you are feeling lots better soon. Wow, Thursday seems like a REAL long time to wait! Can they fit you in any sooner? I am sending you warm weather vibes as well!
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Oh gosh Diane. I`m sorry that you`re sick...esp with a bad headache. (Although maybe that`s much better by now...or else you don`t care anymore...if you have taken some of the above advise.....if so, then you are probably a bit WARMER too!)
Can you call anyone else about the heater problem? Thursday does seem like a long time to wait....good thing you don`t live in`d be frozen solid by then!
I`m sure you do still miss your Roo...maybe looking at some pics of her and remembering special times with her will at least warm your heart!
I`m praying for you to feel better and to get some heat SOOOONER than Thursday!
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Awww Diane...wrap up in warm cuddley blankets & take good care of yourself.
It is so hard when our babies go to the bridge.
Sweet Roo...your Mommy misses you little angel.
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Awwwww thanks Stephanie, Keith, Jessica, Miss Mew, Ryan, Mike, Sam, LilleKat, AbbysMom, Linda and Lei.

You are all so sweet!

My headache is still here but my tummy is feeling better.
Crystal snuggled under the blankies with me last night, it's nice to fall to sleep with the sound of purrs.

Already it's warmer this morning than yesterday and it will be warmer yet tomorrow.

Thanks again everyone!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Am I am still missing my Roo so much! sorry chick!
I´ll send you a big hug to you feel better now!
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You poor thing! Can you snuggle up in bed for the weekend with a few good books, the kits, and a hot water bottle or heating pad? I can't believe you have to wait almost a week for somebody to come out about the heater.
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Thanks Rigel and jcat!

It always takes awhile this time of the year to get the electic co. to come and check anything. We have to have them check it because they have a new thing where they can replace your heater and instead of paying all at once, they tack on so much each month to your electric bill.
It'll be so much easier paying for it that way.
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Hope you're feeling better soon, Diane! What a bummer to be sick when the heat's fouled up! And having to wait a week (or near as doesn't matter!) to have it looked at! Hot toddy, lotsa blankies and purring kitties -- that'll fix you up!
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Diane, I hope you are feeling better!
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