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Dear Kitty Sanda

We are sweethearts to Shenandoah an Humble an we wans yu to bring all the nice things to them and meowmy Bobbie that they wishes to other kitties and humans!

We wants more canned fuds an Graycie wans to go on walks outside more.

Merry Christmas, Sanda!!! We leaving yu our favrite roast chicken from the store!
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Dear santa,

All I have been a very good boy this year, exsept for the whole getting stuck in the sealing and giveing my mommy a heart attack, and I would really like some kitty treats and toys! I'd also like one of those cat condos that my mom talks about. I'd really really like that! Oh, and Samatha and Miss Kitty have also been very good kittys this year and would like some yummy treats.

Yours, Charlie, also writeing for Samatha and Miss Kitty.
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Originally Posted by carolcat
Dere Cable, I will be sending you extra purrs and if you an yur sisters are lonely meomwy sez you could go to smudgies and we can come too and hang out together......or meowmy sez you could come to our house but we thinks its too far away, darn it! Santa CLAWS, we need a new cat tree cuz I am too big for mine......and maybe a new wattr fountain cuz the one we have is hard to cleen meomwy sez, but mostly we wood like for alla the sick and homeless kittys to be heathy and have furever homes like we do, and we ask God to bless alla our friends here at the cat site and our familys too. Thank you, jasper and tia
thank you my darlin sweet hansum Jasper - you & Tia are very lovin kitties i think it is to far for us to go there, speshully Pixel, cuz she duznt lik to go enywher... but we will be on TCS sum cuz meowmy will be at granmeowmy's house & she has 2 gud puters! so i wil be beemin my thots tellepathiklee to meowmy for her to rite. - love, Cable
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Dear Santa,
Since I am the Alpha cat I will write this note for my brothers & sister. First let me say that we certainly do NOT want another cat for Christmas. Mom keeps talking about this kitten at the shelter that looks like Isaac. Please Santa make sure she doesn't bring that kitten home, I already have to share her with 3 other cats. Second here's what we want for Christmas:
Levi wants food & treat (you know him all he wants to do is eat and sleep), he also said he could use new kitty kong.
Isaac would like some more of those shiny crinkle mice & maybe a new cat dancer.
Maggie well she doesn't know what Christmas is yet, but I know she would love lots of sparkle balls.
I want a lifetime supply of fuzzy mice with feathers on the end, you know the kind that make noise when Mom shakes them. I would also like my Mom to have enought money so she never had to work again. That way she can stay home & take care of my every need like she is supposed to. I don't know what rent is, but I do know it's the reason she has to work.
I know I haven't been the best boy this year, but I've certainly been better than ever before. My brothers & little sister well if they've been naughty you don't really have to bring them anything.

Love Jordan.
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Dear Santa,
Our names and Peter and Claire and this is our first Christmas with our meowmy. We got adopted last year right before Christmas when we were just little kittens. It wasn't a very merry time for us. We were so scared and the people that adopted us just didn't understand. They also had a very scary little boy that liked to chase us. We hissed a little and tried to hide, so they brought us back. Now, we're safe and happy with with a nice, patient meowmy who loves us sooooooooooooo much. We're very good, sweet kitties and we promise not to climb the tree too much. Mostly what we want for Christmas is a new window seat or kitty tree for the front window, so all of us, including our big sis's, Katie and Gracie, can look out at the trees and birds together. A few new stuffed mice and other fun toys would be good too!
Thanks, Santa!
Peter and Claire
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Dear Santa,

My name is Maggie May and I have been a very good girl this year. I hardly ever beg at the kitchen table like my sister Jazz a Boo and I "make biscuits" on my meowmy every night (she loves it!!!). Please keep my whole family Jazz, meowmy and grand parents healthy and happy, and please help the kitties with no homes that my meowmy feeds.
Oh, and can I please have some furry mice for Christmas, they are my favorite!

Hi Santa, Jazz a Boo here, I have been a good girl this year to. I would also like some furry mice for Christmas and I do not beg at the kichen table every night (some nights meowmy eats in the living room)! Thanks for a great meowmy Santa she give us plenty of hugs and kisses, but could you also please bring me some furry mice and some kitty treats, meowmy says I am a little kitty with a big appetite!

Thank you Santa
Maggie May and Jazz a Boo
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Dear Santa,

My name is Emma. You probably have never seen me because I hide when you visit. But I've peeped at you before. Everyone says very nice things about you, so you must be an okay guy.

The one thing I'd really like for Christmas this year is some ninja stars. That way I can still be sneaky but protect myself at the same time.

I'll be sure that we leave out a good snack for you,
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dere Sandy Claws
thank you so much for meowmy doin gud after her surjuree & also thank you for our noo shaped id tags she gotted for us. we luk very pretty in them!
Cable, Java & Pixel
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