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My cat Binkie is my best friend in the whole world but my mom is saying we may have to get rid of him. He eats,plays,and loves attention like any other house cat but his problem is, he vomits. Sometimes once a day , 4 times a week , or about one or two weeks without getting sick. It's not his fault and I'm worried he may have an eating disorder. What do I do? Weve tried special foods for easy digesting but that dosn't help. I really don't want to get rid of my baby!
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This is a pretty common problem. If you search the forum for "vomiting", you'll find a lot of great information. I've seen people suggest putting large rocks in with the cat food so that the cat will have to eat slower while picking around the rocks. (Some cats vomit a lot due to eating too quickly) What are you feeding your cat? My sister's cat throws up all the time and I think it's because she feeds him cheaper cat foods like meow mix. I feed my cats premium foods and they rarely vomit. Or it may just be that some cats are "vomiters" while others are not. Good luck!
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You can't expect quick responses on a holiday weekend. Did your vet suggest the special foods? It could be something as simple as a food allergy that a change in diet will take care of, or it could be something a little more serious. Please take your baby to the vet and they will do their best to help you keep him.
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Thank you!
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He could be eating too fast, he could have digestive issues with something in the food, he could have allergies, etc. While these are all the most likely outcomes, definitely get him checked by a vet, since these can signal more serious conditions as well, especially if he is an inside/outside cat.
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Take your cat into the vet to be checked out, that is to much vomiting for a cat. Your worst scenario is this cat is getting dehydrated from the vomiting. Tell your mom that you want this cat seen by a vet. Be sure that you tell the vet what kind of food you are feeding, how much food you are feeding and how often.

Also just so you know this is a bulletin board, not a chat room. You do not always get instant answers. Many of our members have full-time jobs and busy lives and cannot be around to answer your post in a timely manner. Please be patient, your post will eventually get answered. You should be seeking a vet's opinion first before waiting for someone on the internet to help you.
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