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scratching speakers

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my kitten is scratching my stearo speakers what should i do? also how can i get her know her name i want her to come to me when i say her name ?
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When I got my kitten, I wanted to protect my speakers. One thing you want to do is keep the kitten's nail trimmed. You may want to try Soft Claws/Soft Paws. They are nail caps that fit over the kitten's claws and will help to protect furniture.

I also covered my speakers with tin foil. The other thing I did was buy a sisal scratching post and placed it next to the speakers. I taught my kitten how to use the scratching post and I corrected her with a firm "no" when she scratched at inappropriate places.
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Originally Posted by tinyis_mykitten
my kitten is scratching my stearo speakers what should i do? also how can i get her know her name i want her to come to me when i say her name ?
Treat her with kindness and she will come to you regardless. Kittens are not dogs, you cannot train them to come to their name. Just be a kind and loving cat owner and the rest will follow. You could hang your speakers up so the kitten can't reach them.
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I put my oiled walnut floor-standing speakers in storage when I got my cats, and replaced them with some good bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer.
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Try putting some real strong smelling cologne or vinegar on the floor in front of the speakers. To get her to know her name, make her associate it with something good. I give mine kitty trats and while I play with them I say their name (Reya virtually rips my fingers open to get her treat)
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We have speakers that sit on the wall, and Cupid loves to jump on them and claw at the soft part--he even knocks the soft part panel off sometimes. I don't really mind, because I think they're an eye-sore anyway. But, I'm lucky because he will get down when I call him. He used to get up there a lot and just meow meow meow. I ran in there frantic so many times, thinking he was caught in something, that he probably thinks it's bad to be up there now.

I took a picture once.
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You can also put strips of double-sided tape on the speaker covers. Cats hate sticky stuff and will not scratch because they don't want their paws to touch the tape.

Regarding her name, just say her name often and praise her whenever she responds (looks your way, perks up her ears). Most cats will come to learn their names just through normal conversation--it just takes a little time.
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when i had her mother she use to come to her name she learned to come to her name a month after we got her she was only 4 weeks when we got her mother.i know it was a young age but the people had them outside and said the were over 6 weeks.
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You can put Sticky Paws or foil on the speaker cabinets to discourage jumping on or scratching, but if you put them on the speaker grille, the sound quality will be affected.
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If the above suggetions do not work you should think about buying speakers that dont have any cloth on them/get the ones that are covered with the plastic or metal with little holes.

It is very hard to get a cat to come to you. My cats both come to me when I call. However I spned a lot of time with my cats because I live in such a small space with them and I hate going out so I am always home when I am not at school, so they have an attachment problem, they are always with me. When I go to my moms house or my aunts house which are both large houses they tend to follow me around even though they have a lot of room to run.
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We had trouble with Oreo scratching on our speakers after we made him an inside-only cat. What worked for us was to put a nice tall & sturdy sisal scratching post near the speakers - the scratching post gives him a sturdier place to scratch, and he prefers the sisal, so the speakers are safe now.

Trimming the nails to blunt them can help reduce damage too, and if he still scratches on the speakers you might want to try soft paws (
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I have a huge set of magnepan's I have been using packing tape, cats don't like getting there claws stuck in it.
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im going to put the tape there but she hasent scratched them for a couple days
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