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kitten peeing again

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my kitten just started peeing on the floor again she usually peed by the back door now shes peeing everywere how can i stop hershe dosent listen to me ive squirted her with water but she gos and dos it later when im not looking
what can i do?
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Does she have a litter box?
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Why in the world are you squirting a kitten with water for doing what nature tells her is natural to do? You start squirting her with water, you are going to really confuse her and she may stop peeing altogether in her confusion and stress. She is a young kitten- she should still be with her mom. You need to keep her in a small room with several litter pans, her food and water until she figures out how to use the litter pan. You don't punish her because she has accidents.
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Hissy's right -- and it may help if you place some of her "accidents" in the litterbox to let her see (and smell) where they belong. Please don't use punishment of any kind to try to teach your kitten -- positive reinforcement is much more effective, and won't make your kitten skittish and fearful.

The simplest way I've found to show my cats what they should and should not do is to simply alter my tone of voice. When I see them doing something I don't want them to do, I speak to them in a deep, stern tone (not a shout, not loud -- just deeper). Then, as soon as they stop whatever they're doing, I soften my voice and tell them what good kitties they are.

But please bear in mind that your little one is just a baby, and it's going to take time for her to catch on to these kinds of things. Love, patience, and positive reinforcement are the keys.

Good luck!
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The simplest thing would be that when you catch her peeing out of the box, instead of squirting her, put her in the box. I've done this with strays and it works after the first couple of times. If she is young, she'll keep on peeing while you move her, but at the end its worth it...
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Because she is a baby, she may have difficulty climbing into a normal litter box. For now, use an old cake pan or cookie sheet or lid to a plastic storage container for a litter box. Once she is bigger, she will be able to climb into a normal litterbox.

As the others said, please please do not squirt her with water for this. The last thing you want to do is to make her afraid of peeing (and you will make her afraid of you as well).

Also remember that because she is a kitten, she may need to go RIGHT NOW and just might not be able to make it back to the box in time (just like a human toddler who is just getting potty trained). So having lots of litter trays around the house or keeping her confined with a litter tray when you can't watch her is the thing to do.
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shes almost 5 months she dosent need to be her mom she use to pee in the litter box she still dos but not all the time she poos in it tho. ive only squirted her once i have have to litter boxes 1 up stairs and 1 down there clean out everyday. she watches my 6 year old cat go in the litter box.ive said no in a deep voice all the time it dosent work. i do put her in the litter box when i catch her she can get in both litter boxes fine shes not that young.
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today she pood in the bathtub i told her no and she ran away to play.
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All the suggestions are good. As to pooing in the bathtub. I would keep the bathroom door closed to prevent that.
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Your kitten is still young, she needs more litter pans, they need to be together, not on different floors. You are asking her to do something she is not able to do, which is hold her bowels until she gets to the box. Make more boxes available for her, and as Renae said, use those disposable cake pans and aluminum foil trays. Cats do not by instinct pee and poop in the same place, so again, she needs two pans in the same place- you should give her these pans both upstairs and downstairs.

You come here to get help and advice and this is what we are doing, trying to help you with this kitten. Do not dismiss what is said here by giving up excuses to explain your behavior. Although your intentions were good, you are doing the wrong thing with this kitten right now, and you need to start doing the right thing.
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im going to buy 1 or 2 more litter boxes one in my closet up stairs and 1 down stairs i have 1 in each bathroom which is 2. for a couple days i havent seen her pee or find any so i think shes geting the idea tha she should go in the litter boxes.
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i no ive wrote about this lots of times but now shes peeing everywere i havent seen her poo and were for a week and when she dosent poo in the litter boz she gos in the tub when i got home today alll i smelt was pee the whole living room smelt like it she pees beside the tv backdoor she peed in front of the litter box today ishe didnt make it in time i saw her puting her paws in it but she didnt make it shes only 5 months with 2 litter boxes one down stairs washroom with a lid on it and the other up stairs washroomwith no lid she peed in front of the one downstairs today as i mention above but i want to know why shes peeing everywere she knows were they are she gos in them sometimes but mostly she gos on the floor somewere what should i do she know she has to go in the litter box when she poos in the tub i take her poo and put it in the litter box i show her when i do it and when she dos go poo in the litter box she dosnt cover it sometimes when i catch her before she leave the bathroom i show her how to cover it with her paws and the pooper scooper but her mother use to pee everwhere when we had her 2 her mother didnt do it when she had the kittens ttho we dont have her now and the kitten watches my older cat do it.Any way how can i get her to go in the litter box and is there something i can spray were she pees so she dosent pee there againlike a smell she wont like and is there another way i can get her yo cover her poo.also she dosent pee by accedent becuz she can be beside the litter bix and run over to the tv or backdoor and pee there in stead should i put her food and toys in the washroom and lock her in there for a while ifso how long and should i do it when she pees on the floor ok im done writing now lol i just dont want to get ride of her my parents r geting mad and saying they will get ride of her if she keeps doing it.

thanks for helping
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If tiny has been peeing and pooing all over and being sick has been ruled out ..Yes maybe you can keep her in a enclosed room until she learns litter box ...If this has been something that she has been doing from the start since you got her that may be your best shot ...I know its hard and no body wants to deal with kitty poo ...all over .any pet store or chain store wal mart would sell kitty cleaner the natural ones are the best for the smell about 5-8 dollars...and they dont mask the smell with harsh perfumes.... if you arent able to keep a eye on here during the day gating or keeping her confined may be the best till she learns... good luck with kitty and hope she starts using litter box!!
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I'd put her in a bathroom with litterbox, water and food for about a week(visit her OFTEN).Let her out after that and see if she starts using the litter box.If not, back into the bathroom with door shut for another week.
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thanks tomro morning im going to get some of her toys her food and a bed and put her in the washroom for a couple days then ill let her out and if she still dosent ill keep her in longer ill visit her every or so tho she will start to meow do i just ignore it?
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Maybe try issolating her more. It sounds like you have a decent sized place if you have an upstairs and downstairs and maybe she just doesn't remember where they are in time of need. Try to keep her in just the upstairs or just the downstairs. I'm not saying to keep her only upstairs/downstairs all day but maybe just keep her on whatever floor you're on at the time and shut the door to the stairs and increase the litter boxes. Then after a while you can begin to remove litter boxes, starting with the one used the least.
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i knows were they are she can be looking right at it and run to somewere ont eh other side of house and pee
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