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Christmas Tree Distroyed!!! :(

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Ok well i thought if we had put the christmas tree somewhere where Kal-El wouldnt be able to get to it, that it would survive. Well i was wrong, when i went to work yesterday i had Kal-El all upstairs while the wonderfuly decorated tree was downstairs. He wouldn't be able to get to it since the door was shut and he had no way of getting down, Well my mom went to work after me and she went downstairs, withought thinking she left the house in a hurry and forgote to shut the basement door, well you can guess where this is going, Kal-El went exploring and found the tree his eyes where widdened and he thought it was a toy, all the sparkling items that where on there, most of it crystal and glass ( big mistake) i think when i got home and went downstairs to look for him there he was stuck in the tree, not sure for how long, but he couldnt get back down. Our tree was 6 feet tall, and he was in the center just hanging on. oh and to mention almost all of the decorations fell of and broke all over the floor. i couldnt get mad at him becuase it wasnt his fault, but i wasnt very happy. so we had to go buy some more decorations and what i decided to do for him was get an artificial small cristmas tree just for him with catnip decorations on it... i dont mind if he destroys that tree since it is his own. i just thought i would share this story with you and hope you enjoyed reading it, if anyone else has storries simmilar to this i would love to hear them.
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thats to bad tho kal-El most likely had so much fun doing it .
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I would watch him for signs of stomach upset, especially if you had tinsel in your tree- tinsel is toxic. Also check his pads for cuts and open his mouth gently to see if he munched on anything that he shouldn't have. You can't stop cats from climbing trees, they don't know Christmas trees from oak trees, a tree is for climbing and so they will.
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oh yah just so you know i did take him to the vet so they could check him out and he is 100 % A OK... thanks for the info though, but about the stopping of the climbing the tree, we had the tree upstairs for a while and he was getting into it i tried spray bottle of water and it didnt work, and i tried loud noise to deter him from climbing but he just thinks its a game.
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Yeah, we gave up on the whole Christmas tree idea after Spike knocked it down a few times and broke some ornaments (that, ummm, didn't belong to us ...). I've found that too many ornaments resemble things we normally give the cats to play with (balls, crinkly things, things that make noise or light up), so it really is hard for the cats to understand why the things we give them are okay to play with, but the things on the tree are off-limits. Now, we just don't bother. We're usually not home for Christmas anyway. (We do have some cute, cat-friendly decorations that get put up closer to the holidays, however.)
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Harley tried to destroy ours, but what I found out is that he just liked to get the sparkly tinsel and garland. So I took that off and he hasn't touched it since!!
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Listen to MA ( Hissy) very important!

So sorry for the tree!
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Oh my goodness! We just went and bought an artificial tree in hopes that Pandora won't climb it. We thought a fresh tree would be way too inviting for her. Keep your fingers crossed!
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You can buy a whole jug of unbreakable ornaments very inexpensively at K-Mart. We still had them left from when we had (human) babies. I'm sure we'll use them again this year, and keep the precious crystal ornaments put away. And those shiny bulbs, they are just too dangerous for cats and babies.

I don't think giving kitty a tree will keep him out of your tree. That just isn't how cats operate! Glad he didn't get injured, and that he has an understanding owner!
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The first year I had my 2 monsters I had to decorate the tree 3 times. I have since learned and only have to decorate once the trick is making sure the tree is very secure, I have a great tree stand then tie the tree also to the banister. I put very few decorations at the bottom, and those that I do put there make noise so I know if someone is playing in the tree. For example bells are excelent indicators of a cat in the tree.
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We now have an artificial tree, and haven't used any glass ornaments or tinsel for years. I buy cloth or wooden ornaments every year to replace the ones that Jamie has ruined, usually by carrying them out on to the balcony and shoving them down into the yard (there's a two-inch gap under the boards that's just perfect for that).
I learned the hard way. The first Christmas we had Jamie, he destroyed some highly prized handmade ornaments (little sheep and goats made out of real wool) that a friend had given me, plus a collection of feathered ornaments (cardinals, turtle doves, and blue jays) that my parents had sent us, and that we'd been using for a decade.
One tip I've seen on other (German) forums is to hang a smallish tree upside down from the ceiling.
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We're lucky enough to have such perfect little cats who have never, ever climbed or even attempted to climb our Christmas tree!
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
We're lucky enough to have such perfect little cats who have never, ever climbed or even attempted to climb our Christmas tree!

Wow! You must be like the only one!!!

Cats just can't resist trees!

So just have a cat friendly tree !!
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I'm glad your kitty is alright. I hope he wasn't stuck for long.

Originally Posted by Hissy
tinsel is toxic
What about a tinsel tree? Or just the decorative kind?
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Originally Posted by Purr
I'm glad your kitty is alright. I hope he wasn't stuck for long.

What about a tinsel tree? Or just the decorative kind?
I don't think I'd risk it if the cat(s) found it interesting.
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Actually Jane, not all cats are interested in the trees.

I don't know about Lonestar but my other cats don't bother it.
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After the intial interest ( Rocket and Mica totally ignore it now.
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