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Dt 18/03/02

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Good day all!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend! I really enjoyed mine until yesterday when I had to do chores and ended up with a sore throat - oh well - I'll live. So far for a Monday the day has been going well. I am not dealing with the public today - I am technical assistant for the next 2 wks to fellow staff members. What that means if the have questions on procedures or legislation I answer them. It is a good change for a while.

I have to go to Petsmart tonight to get food for the babies as there isn't much left! I can't leave them without food - myself sure, but not them. I hope they don't have any kittens for adoption as I will want to get one. The have a resucue shelter who adopts out thru our local petsmart and I always fall in love and get sad when I have to leave without a new baby.

I wish everyone a great and joyful day!

(BTW I am going for 1000 post by the end of the day!)
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Happy Monday!

The weekend was pretty uneventful. We didn't end up going to our friend's house, just basically had a lazy weekend. We are trying to get our new upstairs neighbor kicked out (see thread in Health and Nutrition "Nervous Vomiting (I think)") and reported to the landlord a couple times. To summarize, the new neighbor is about 19-20 years old, has all his friends over to party almost every night who are all very loud and incosiderate, bang around the apartment hard enough to knock things off my shelves, and are generally trashing the area around his apartment with cigarette butts and beer bottles. I almost feel bad about reporting him to the landlord almost every day, but Friday night and Saturday I was just going insane with all the noise. I feel like such a tattletale. I was actually looking forward to going back to work so I wouldn't have to deal with him!

Hubby and I are going to a preview of Blade II tonight. I'll let y'all know how it was!

Hope everyone has a great day!! :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Same stuff, different day, here. Swing shift, again. Cloudy and cool, with rain on the way. Hope it clears up, by Thursday, my four-day weekend starts, then. Opie's, still, in bed: I should have posted HIM as an inanimate object! Have a good week, all.
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Rainy day but my mood is better.

Jim is back from seeing his dad. Turns out he's going into an in-patient program in CA. When he's done, he'll qualify for his full military retirement plus SS disability income, enough to live on without being forced to work. Though actually, I can't imagine him just sitting around, I'm sure he'll take up something to fill the time eventually. Seems almost like the whole suicide thing never happened. I think Jim should take these things with a grain of salt. Not that my opinion matters, just our daughter really missed him this weekend.

School vacation week, so she'll be spending a few nights at dad's house. I guess it's good for her, tho' I get lonely without her around. But stuff gets done, so maybe it's a trade off.

Painted a bulletin board yesterday and I really like it. I'm gonna hafta buy some thumb tacks for it, maybe some really cute decorative ones or some really plain ones and hot glue something cute onto them.

It's only a little thing, but somehow it seems like life might get to be normal again pretty soon. Job is the next big thing, and a little independence after that, I hope.
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Well, it snowed this weekend.
This morning I woke up and everything went wrong. I woke up late so I missed the bus. I went to make some coffee and spilled the cup all over the counter. I went to take a shower and there was no HOT water. So I am all stinky and yucky. Don't worry, I will take a shower when I get home. Oh, and the coffee was not very good. I am sleepy.

I found a website that is called classmates. I found alot of old buddies from high school. I think they are going to have a reunion this summer and I am looking forward to it.

I hope tomorrow gets better.
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Thanks for the thoughs and empathy. We haven't called the cops, although someone did the first night he was there. Since then, he hasn't blasted the music, and the noise isn't really bad enough to be illegal. Just enough to really annoy those who live under him.

Luckily, we have an awesome landlord, and since we have been there about 1 1/2 years and have NEVER complained about anyone, she is really taking this seriously. She said that she had serious reservations about renting to him because of his age, and told him straight out that this is a family community and she will not put up with any s*** from him. Unfortunately, since his grandmother signed the agreement she couldn't not rent to him just because of his age. He has only been there 1 week, and she has to follow protocol as far as warnings and such, and give him a chance to straighten out. Friday she gave him a 3-day letter, that basically said that if he messed up in those 3 days, he would be evicted. Saturday, after we went in and told her about Friday night's party, she wrote another real nasty letter and called grandma. Sunday night was real quiet, so I don't know if he went out or if he finally got the message.

We should be finding out what our landlord decides pretty soon. There are plenty of not-so-family-oriented apartment communities around that he could go to. I can't imagine how a 19-20 year old can possibly afford that apartment unless granny is paying for it, too. I can barely afford to live there!
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Yeah, Alicia, you better take a shower! We can all smell you over the internet! Some kinda new virtual reality chip I guess! lol
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What was I supposed to do? Take a cold shower in the cold of winter? BRRR! Or take clean clothes in my already-stuffed backpack, shampoo, and soap, and take a shower at school? Yea, maybe I will do that next time. Use one of the gym or pool's shower rooms! With little privacy! Sorry, but I am a really private person. hahahaa!
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