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Viva Las Vegas!

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o yes..i am excited. my mom, her boyfriend and I are off to lass vegas (actually sac airport..then vegas) in less than a half hour. to see mr paul mccartney tomorrow night at the MGM and tonight we are seeing the blue man group! lol my mom got tickets for that..and i think we are going on this crazy roller coaster?? i dont know...but im excited. i love flying and i will get my las vegas shot glass to add to my collection. but yea i had to expose my excitedness, even though im not 21(i will be in a year tho!) and have yet to experience other fun things in vegas..i am excited to have my own sweet room at the MGM grand..o!! hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.
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Viva las Vegas!!!
Congratulations, your trip sounds soo cool!
Bring us some pics please!
And my best wishes to you has a lovely fun time!
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o i will for sure!! thanks! im excited for it..
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have a great time on your vacation
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Your blog is set to private, so we can't see them.
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i made them public. IF IT still doesnt work. then let me know and i'll just throw a few on here! Lol i just had so many on the blog i thought it would be easier to do it this way..hopefully it works now..
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OOH lucky you actually got a kiss from the blue man. I went (for the second time, 1st was in NYC) and had them "sign" , my new blue man shirt with a hand print. I didn't wash it for awhile and the you can still see the print after washing- that stuff they wear is pretty heavy duty!
I see you saw the lions too!! I was fascinated by them and we watched them everyday, and got our pic taken with the cubs!
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I got married there in May of 2000.
We've been back 2 times since and in June 2006 will be the 4th trip!!!
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Glad you had fun! You look REALLY excited about that blue kiss.

I love Vegas. I haven't gone since I got Cupid, but... I just love it. Seeing the pictures make me want to go really badly.
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Wooooooooaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!! ...great PIC´S!!!!
thank you so much for share!!!
Ir really hope that you spended a fun time!
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Vegas isn't much fun when you are only 18. We went in March of this year for my brother's wedding. He got married in the Paris hotel. We went on the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend because that's when my bros' wife always goes to vegas. She loves the rockabilly stuff. We stayed in the Gold Coast hotel because that is where all of the rockabilly stuff was(& it was off the strip-what a zoo!). We were in the MGM Grand to see the lion cubs & the Paris for the wedding, but I think those were the only ones. I was there for the shopping! That was my favorite part of the trip! OH wait, there was another fun part, the Cactus gardens & chocolate factory! Mmmmm...that was the best chocolate ever!
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yea i had tons of fun going! thats cool that (whoever wrote it i forget) got married there!! haha me and a lot of my friends plan to go back sometime..but i dont really gamble i suck at just wanted to go the rollercoaster at ny ny and the stratosphere..ha
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Originally Posted by gia_c
They don't work. It says they are private...
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When I was there in October I didn't gamble much either just lots of shopping!!!
And a Cirque de Soliel show is a must for anyone who goes to vegas. (and the floats and buffet at the Rio) Mine was a girls only trip-DH was jealous!!
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