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Sudden vomiting

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My 5 year old (or so) male cat had struvite stones removed from his bladder in January, and was put on feline c/d - for the rest of his life (I think vets get some kind of compensation for saying stuff like that, but anyway). He's been on the dry c/d since then, but last week he started throwing up not long after he ate. This went on for about 3 days. I took him to the vet on Sunday and they gave him pepsid and canned i/d food for a few days. He did perfectly fine on it. I started incorporating his old food back in, about 10 pieces mixed in with the wet i/d and he threw up last night. He's still taking the pepsid. Could he have suddenly developed an aversion to the dry c/d? I'm wondering if switching him to canned c/d would help. I would think it'd be better anyway since he'll get more water, right? He didn't really drink much water while he's been on the canned food. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I'm really trying to avoid getting a lot of blood work and x-rays taken.
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Two things come to mind. He could have developed an allergy to something in the dry c/d, or the food itself may be rancid. I've had that happen with dry food that still had a long way to go on the "Best By...." date, and which I immediately transferred to an airtight container.
I'm a proponent of feeding at least half canned food, more if your cat will accept it.
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hmm, rancid food. it's a 10 lb bag that usually lasts about 3 months, and it's been open for about a month now. i'd hate to have to throw it out, especially since i could feed strays with it. he doesn't seem to like the wet food, but he eats it because that's his only option. i gave him some more dry with the wet this morning, and as far as i can see it's stayed down. i gave him some more a few minutes ago, but this time i crushed up the dry food and mixed it in really well with the wet. i'll ask the vet about switching to wet because i'm thinking it's the food and not him that is the problem since he held down the wet i/d.
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dry usually has much more fillers to which cats can have food allergies compared to wet. Fillers such as as wheat, corn and soy. BAsed on experience, my loki has food allergies, I believe there is a very good chance that the dry is the problem.
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but can they suddenly become allergic after doing well on it for months? well i guess people can develop allergies all of a sudden, so why can't cats. could it also be the amount? i give him dry treats all the time and he has no problem. ok, so i'll definitely ask for wet c/d before i let them run any tests. i actually wanted to ask the vet this over the phone, but i guess they can't bill me that way, lol.
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I have another thought...was your kit eating too fast??

sometimes emmet will eat entirely too fast, and he will throw it back up....this at times will happen twice a day, because he throws up his breakfast, then hes probably hungary till dinner...then hell eat his dinner too fast, and puke that up as well.....

just an idea.....thought i wouldnt rule out the allergy thing either....people i know can develop allergies to things that they didnt have prior...this could happen in cats as well i would assume

good luck and i hope its nothing serious
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no, he wasn't eating too fast. and he wasn't eating more than normal. as far as i can tell everything points to the food. i know i'm not a vet, but i like to trust my intuition sometimes. i got him the canned c/d today, so we'll see how that goes. thanks for the responses.
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Originally Posted by RedsMom79
but can they suddenly become allergic after doing well on it for months?
Definitely. Many allergies manifest themselves after months or years.
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Yes, absolutley - Loki was on another food for 1/2 year, which he ws doing great on for a little over 5 months, before I switched him to Life's Abundance because he became alergic again. Until now 3 yrs. later he is still doing great!!!
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