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Staying put until year end

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It's strange but a series of unforseen events are telling me to postpone all travel this year.
I don't want to go into details but mom got sick, friends are having family problems and finally two of my furbabies are not so good. Jello has hot spots and Wawa has a benign tumor on his neck. I am needed here.
Thanks for listening.
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Oh Yayi Sometimes we get these gut feelings so i can understand where your coming from.

Were all here for you though at the end of the day remember that
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Listen to the signals, Yayi. And come talk to us whenever you need to.
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We're here for you Yayi! Always remember that!

Senidn lots of good }}}VIBES{{{ your way!

I'm thinking of you!
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Yayi, I totally understand. I'm having some of the same gut feelings about the trip I was supposed to take.

You're in good company here at TCS! :hug:
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I am sending you lots of good vibes that everything turns out for the good!
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listen to the signs hopefully everything gets better for you and it does sound like you are needed at home
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I'm a big believer in listening to these signs. Stay where you're needed!
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Listen to the signals, Yayi. And come talk to us whenever you need to.
Best way to express our feelings was expressed for Frannie!

Don´t give up Yayi! ....All TCS are here to support you and listen everytime that you needed!
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Follow your instincts, Yayi, and if you need a sympathetic ear (or several hundred), you know you'll find it here.
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Yayi, you know I'm here for you. I'm sending you lots of good vibes.
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Reilly and I are sending you many good vibes! {{{{ }}}}
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Oh my goodness, it hasn't rained, its poured for you hasn't it???

You are in my thoughts and its a good idea to trust your instincts!
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I just have to add my agreement -- we should always listen to our intuition. There've been times when if I hadn't paid attention to one of those strong feelings that come out of nowhere, it would have been a life-and-death disaster. You're doing the right thing!
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