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Question about Ragdolls

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My sister's mother-in-law recently got a Ragdoll kitten. I saw the cat last week and it doesn't look like a young kitten, as she claims. The cat was almost as large as my adult Maine Coon mix! Is this possible?
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it's probably not a ragdoll or a kitten if it's as big as your adult cat. It could be an adult ragdoll as i think they can get pretty big.

charateristics of a ragdoll:
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My daughter has just got a six month old Rag Doll kitten and it is bigger than her six month old Maine Coon kitten.
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Thanks - I just didn't want to see her being duped by a disreputable breeder.
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Ragdolls get very big, and I recently read are the biggest cats, even bigger then maine coons. A reputable breeder will sell a kitten, but they sell them at the ages of 12 to 16 weeks some times, so depending on how young a kitten you had intended to get it might be a surprise that its that big, at 16 weeks is four months so it will be rather large, but any thing under a year is a kitten.
if it was a reputable breeder, she should have gotten papers, or if it was sold with an alter contract, papers on the parents should have been shown to her, I always show people the blue slips they will get after the kitten is altered, and both parents papers as well as my certificate stating i am a TICA registered breeder, I have nothing to hide and want people to see all my documentation to prove i am selling a legitimate "purebred papered" kitten, if she didn't see any of those things it kind of then your guess is as good as mine as to whether she is pure bred ragdoll.
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